Gemini New Moon

As we face the new Moon in the Mutable Air sign Gemini, we can take from this annual lunar phase, a deep breathe of inspiration. Now is the time to begin new journeys of learning, embark on new news of being, doing and seeing. The new moon is a time where the lunar gravity pulls water up so that seeds burst open, which is akin to the energy of opening the crown chakra, awakening us and opening our higher minds to greater levels of existence and light. As I begin to learn about blood cells on my own journey through a Chinese Medicine Degree, I am resonating with this energy quite strongly, which is no surprise given my strengths lie in the sign of Gemini though many angles of my chart.


I cant help but marvel at the symbiotic power that people so often relate to in healing, being it white light protection in meditation, the white light of heaven in outer body and near death experiences and the white blood cells being those ones involved in the healing of dis-ease or disorder of the body.  Relating this back to the New Gemini Moon coinciding with Mercury going retrograde, this can bring our attention to the period of “creativity” rather than purification of the opposite fullness of light of the full moons. When the Moon is dark during these New Moons, we have the opportunity like the seedlings of the earth to burst open with new life, out of our shell. This is a unique New Gemini moon in being on the day of the Mercurial backwards turn, asking us to expand our mind in a reflective sense…activating more of the right brain of creativity and femininity.

As someone with a 3rd house South node, Chiron in Gemini in the 10th house along with Mercury retrograde in the 12th house in the sign of Leo, conjunct my Leo sun, this new moon is a strong nudge for me in the direction of self evolution and definition.

For those who are less familiar with the stars, these aspects of the chart are significant strengths that sway the soul, regarding planetary placements and alignments of Gemini energy. So as someone familiar with this sign, and someone who loves the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge in life, who has spent a good 14 years studying various aspects of healing…I can say that this is what this New Moon is all about. Take this window of heavenly opportunity as the first step in the direction sharpening the sword of your mind, to master the art of something held dear to your heart.

Gemini New moon is a time to refine the mind and use it’s power to gain momentum in fulfilling your unique life purpose. Just remember, the gift of Gemini is the wisdom of knowing the value of each small piece in the collection of puzzle pieces. It’s time now to take note of the contribution that each small step makes towards the greater journey of higher learning and achievement. Step outside this new moon and take a deep breathe. Prepare for a brilliant month of learning ahead…open your heart and remember how powerful you are.

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