Full Moon in Capricorn


Discipline is the most valuable investment one can make in life. And as we reach the  much anticipated super full moon, being the largest of the year as it draws closest to earth in it’s cycle…we can realise the importance of “feeling” over thinking and guessing as the intellect can often do. Though we may have grand ideas of castles in the sky, now is the lunar phase that asks us to ponder on the understanding that “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” It’s time to shrug off the self imposed pressure and expectation so that we may take all steps required to complete the journey toward our greater aspirations. It’s time to place the building blocks deliberately, with intent, purpose and inspiration. Time to train ourselves in the art of living true to our destiny. Our calling. Like the great influential leaders of our world, this is the time to learn to master the craft and skill of dedication and unrelenting persistence in the face of any perceived resistance.


As the great master and philosopher Bruce Lee says in this compilation…our focus can lead us to miss all that heavenly glory, if we are to lose sight of the reason why…why we face a certain direction. If we focus on our current position and fail to look towards the destination of such direction, we lose our ability to remain on coarse with certainty. It is often that Capricorn energy can be challenged by the smaller hurdles, that are essential to the development of character essential for achievement, as solid foundations, sustainability and stability. Capricorn super moon illuminates our most prominent values in the realm of success, attainment and self definition. Now is the time in which we clarify our potential for influence in the world, so as to fuel the ability to manifest this in reality.

This full moon encourages us to declare our vision and write down our goals to remain focused. As Capricorn governs our bones, this is the Moon to step up to authority and make new rules, to grow our unique back bone and work for a cause of our own making. The structural integrity of the body is vital, as is the supporting structure of our life at large. So now is the time to dedicate, lay foundations and take small but significant steps in our clearly defined and willfully declared long term plans. The Capricorn full moon enlightens us to the truth that all commitment is valuable and essential as the spinal life source of our dreams coming true. So now is the time to invest in you.

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