Full Moon in Aquarius

A fitting symphony for the energy of this full moon, I thought I would share this video again…for the sake of perspective. And I just love the alignment within the universal dynamic with 12 particles of matter and 4 forces of nature. With 12 zodiac signs and 4 elements of the Western Astrological system…I think it’s time we seek further understanding  of such correlations…for the purpose of seeing how truly beautiful and orderly this world really is.


This full moon reaching it’s peak at around 4am tomorrow is at the beginning of the sign Aquarius, opposite the early Leo Sun. This is a time to marvel at the light of both day and night…to get present with the magnitude of this universe and the scales that exist within it from the animal kingdom to humanity, and see in the beautiful Aquarius moon light, that we are all connected. What a buzz! This is a highly charged time, as Leo is ruled by the Sun, being reflected by the electric moon that triggers change on grand scales.

If change is to come now, it may be best to take control for the better and meditate on how you can better the conditions of your life and in turn those of the people around you, through the power of change. As Mars in Cancer joins Jupiter now, this lunar tick of the heavens clock brings the opportunity to grow within, and influence energy around us as a pebble ripples in the pond. We have expanding vibrational energy now more than ever, with a power greater and greater as momentum builds, so this heavenly alignment can be drawn upon to promote growth and development in the way of spiritual connectedness, attunement and awakening to higher realms of existence.

Let this full moon enlighten you as to how truly beautiful reality can be…let your imagination run wild with the wind…in the fields of possibility. Don’t hold back in your creative mode…be colourful as you dream this full moon, and breathe life into a vision deep down. Stop for one moment to see what your holding onto and let anything go so life can begin again to flow. This is a time to free yourself of obstruction and use your spiritual wings to manifest beautiful things! So let go, learn and get present with the poetry of reality…this full Aquarius moon!

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