New Moon in Leo


The new moon in Leo unites the Sun and Moon in the sign of Leo, governed by the Sun to bring our focus to the core of our being. The Chinese call it the Shen, the seat of consciousness…the Heart being ruled by the Sun in Astrological terms brings our attention to that which lies at the centre of our spirit, that which drives us the most. When faced with sleeping difficulties, it is our heart that calls for care in centering us enough to come back to our truth. When suffering anxiety, worry, lethargy and fatigue, it is the heart again, that calls for care. So this new moon in the Heart governed sign of Leo, draws our focus to the influence of spirit in all aspects of our lives. The foundation of vitality and life itself, the heart-spirit-consciousness is the very essential lifeline that connects us to our wellbeing…which must now be considered at the core of any imbalance or suffering we may endure.

This new moon brings us a time in which the Sun-Moon connection illuminates a higher level of awareness around the influence of our Shen as the anchor which holds us stable in life, giving us strength and power to fulfill our purpose. It is a time to light a candle and sit in meditation. A time to embrace the power of intention, to look ahead and within, to align ourselves and direct our energy on the right path for the attainment of new goals and dreams. An auspicious time for space clearing, the New Moon in Leo shines light, allowing the path ahead to be clear from within, like a lantern in the night. Clarity is key here, as we make way for the new, to enter our lives. This is a time that calls for us to clear a space and a time in our lives so that seedlings can manifest into sprouts, with the light from the clearing of old overgrowth that once blocked the Sun. So meditate now on the power of holding on, in potentially blocking possibility, where the potential new life can grow from the space created.

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