Full Moon in Aquarius

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Today we pass the 15th day of the 7th lunar month of the year, celebrated as the Spirit Festival in Chinese culture to honour the souls who have passed. It is now the Full Moon in Aquarius, the sign of the “New Age” of Revolution, Change and Awakening. In pondering the significance of these two events…I can’t help but be reminded of the delicate nature of life…as a fragile flower in season, destined to bring colour to the world, for but a cycle. To bring beauty for generations to come, through the gift of pollen, If we reflect for a moment every now and again, on the fleeting yet miraculous life of a flower, we can see our own selves in it’s image, so full of colour waiting to be seen. In this full moon now, we have an opportunity to gain so much, in opening ourselves up as the flower does in nature, towards the light.

This full moon is a great time for expression, particularly of gratitude to others both here and beyond. It is a lovely time to pay our respects to the souls of those we love in heaven, and to remember how fragile life is on this plane. Show appreciation this full moon for those dearest…be open and honest, and share that you care. For now is a time to awaken truth, to clear the air and create new bonds, connections and understanding. So may we put aside those things that are of less importance this full moon, and take a moment to connect, respect…and give thanks (if for nothing else then life itself).

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