Full Moon in Pisces


This full moon in Pisces approaching brings colour to our dreams, illuminating the soul self and deepening our inner well of creative resources. This Lunar gift, opens a gate to greatness in the realm of emotional sensitivity, psychic receptivity and a finely tuned ability to express our hidden nature. The Pisces full moon aligned with (trine) Jupiter, bears gifts of abundant vision and potent powers of understanding the broader picture of universal laws…those that we cannot escape, the natural law that gives us life. This fine time allows for great insight into the direction we must take to break any barriers obstructing the flow of life in the direction of our dreams.

Arriving at the beginning of Spring (Australia), this is an auspicious time to plant new seeds so as to breathe life into the world around us. It is a wonderful time to let such process become a meditation in the reflection of vision and the power it holds in offering growth, abundance, sustainability and rich energetic nutrition.

As the Pisces full Moon aligns with Jupiter in Cancer, which is in opposition to Pluto, we have a dynamic lunar phase in which incredible power can be harnessed in the way of our essential resources for living such as food, safety and a sound structure to live within. This is a time in which we can gain enormously from reflecting on the direction in which we are orienting our time, energy, thoughts and power. It is a time in which we can grow from balancing our needs in the area of both physical structure and security with emotional fulfillment and development.

A wise person once said that we must consider the tangible as the illusion and the unseen (emotional / spiritual realm) as true reality, which is a notion that we can ponder in this time…to learn that the spirit, never dies and  is the true immortal…while the tangible, is the illusive aspect of life that offers no true sustainability. So of this reflection we can learn the value of the unseen realm, in the Pisces Full Moon. It is in this lunar phase that we can gain insight into the riches found in the spiritual investment, through it’s karmic return. And in this, may we see clearly that this is the realm that provides the most lasting wealth. In this full moon, aligned with Pluto opposed Jupiter, we can learn that true wealth comes from within, where the outer world may seem solid, yet in reality…must come to fall in time. So may this full moon allow you to shine outwardly from within, through the eyes of your soul. Let any concerns you may have about the outer worldly structures and forms subside, as you trust, that whatever you choose to be, will manifest around you, in the echo of your essence.

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