New Moon in Libra

New Moon Libra

New moon in Libra coming…opposing Uranus & aligned with (square) both Pluto in Capricorn & Jupiter in Cancer. A time to balance the need for harmony with the urge to revolt against that which we oppose. Time now to consider the views of others while standing up for our own. A task worthy of our commitment. It’s also a lunar phase that promotes deep soul level changes that create lasting directional shifts.

This is a time in which we are easily moved by the winds of heaven to grow and expand our lives to reach ever greater distances. It’s time to calve the way to making our mark and leaving our legacy. But to do so, we need to ask ourselves why? What is your mission. What is your calling, your gift and your passion? Without knowing these… Nothing changes, no voice is heard. And this is a time in which it is becoming more vital that we stand for something. That we stand for justice and peace!

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