Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries


This lunar eclipse on the 18th arrives as Mercury slows before it’s retrograde through Scorpio from the 21st. At a time like this, people can not continue ignoring the influence of Astrology in our life. We have the powerful lunar event energetically renowned for igniting significant life events, not only in our spiritual lives, but on a more global level. While an eclipse signifies endings and completion, Mercury retrograde is known for it’s influence over our means of communication. While retrograde in the sign of Scorpio, we can expect to uncover gifts of the past and have the ability to draw wisdom from our pain, our loss and deepest emotions. This is a time in which we are called to go back and extract the meaning from our lessons gained in consolidation, completing our unfinished business and using it to bring meaning to our lives.

The lunar eclipse in Aries represents a time in which we close the doors on identities that no longer have truth for us. It’s time to redefine and recreate ourselves in a spiritual rebirth. It’s time to set ourselves free in honouring the past and giving thanks for it to set it free. Time to honour where we came from and be present to who we are, what we are driven to create, become and focus upon. The time has come to give ourselves recognition as individuals on a unique spiritual path…a soul with a purpose and place in this world. It’s time now to give shape and colour to our personal mission. This lunar eclipse, write down your reasons to live. Unveil your greatest desires and give clarity to your legacy, for it is this life that you are blessed with to accomplish that.

This lunar phase shines a light on the unique aspects of the soul that cannot be suppressed, denied or held back without a fight, be it internally or externally. It’s a time in which evolution requires us to be vulnerable in order to shine and give to the world what we can only do, as a part of humanities movement towards universal balance, order and transformation. It’s time to realise your power to shine a light in the darkness only you can heal. The heavens open a door now for us to make incredible shifts in the lives of those you yearn to change for the better. We must now open ourselves up to the limitless power to make a difference in the world.

It’s time to give in ways that reach out with greater influence and meaning. This full moon lunar eclipse is a time to mother the creative spirit within, to take that leap of faith into the unknown, to learn to fly as we fall. We are brought to a window now in which we can see far ahead into the distant future, so as to awaken the truth of our position, our potential and power to do with life many things. This is the eclipse cycle in which we must begin to choose, to own what we seek, explore what we are entitled to experience and share with the world. As our birth right, it is our gift to take in this time of initiation into a higher field of imagination manifestation.

We must now learn and understand the power of the mind, our words, our behaviour and ability to change the direction of life every single moment. The time has come to realise and appreciate the value of time itself, as a passing treasure to invest. We are challenged now to pour our resources into something lasting and real. In this time we are faced with the push to challenge the outer world and our place within it, and the pull towards the desire for long term power. This challenge holds the key to our evolution in learning who we really are, through struggling to make sense of the different aspects of ourselves that all need balance, recognition and fulfillment.

This full moon lunar eclipse takes place in the degree of the zodiac wheel that brings us to reflect on our ambitions, our directions and pursuits. We must now consider if they are worthy of our time. It’s a time in which we are faced with a need to develop character in order to grow and evolve in the journey of our true destiny’s manifestation. Take the time now to look closely at what you represnt and bring forth to the world. For what we give is what we become. What we contribute is what we attain.

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