New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio


This Sunday the 3rd of November we experience the Scorpio New Moon Solar eclipse.  Although we do not see this total eclipse occur from Australia, this is symbolic of a time in which life is fertile for the planting of seeds (literally and & spiritually with intention). During this time we must let go of something to make way for the new, as the forest clears way for undergrowth to begin under the open light… as an eclipse signifies endings of sorts…while the New Moon, is the time of new beginnings. This is wonderful in the sign of Scorpio as it foretells a time in which the past is brought to the surface, enriching the soil in which we plant the gardens of our future. I consider this time to be the greatest foundation, empowering us to utilise the fertiliser of the past pains and struggles through which we have learned, to enlighten us now in a time in which we are re-creating ourselves and the life that we build.

This time can be metaphorically experienced very much like a lantern in the night, that illuminates to it’s ultimate potential for beauty only in the darkness of the black moon taking the light of the Sun. It can be symbolic of the light within that illuminates the road ahead and the way for others. This is a time in which we can find our deepest light and beauty, only by delving and digging deeply into our darkest places within. It is here that we find our richest sources of inner wealth and wisdom. So let this significant Astrological time be a key for you, that helps open the door to the changes made possible in taking the step forward to dive deep down into the hidden aspects of your soul.

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