New Moon Meditation


As we enter 2014 we reach the greatest heights of spirituality in the point of the heavens where the heart is central to all things. With the New Moon in Capricorn sending us on our way through into a new year, there is an auspicious energy of clarity and purity which transforms our life potentials and expands our reach to ever greater distances, endless and limitless in truth. Capricorn is the Western sign crowning the greatest point of the zodiac wheel in the heavens, where the Horse is the Eastern pinnacle of the heavens, so we have a significant energetic synchronicity and affinity which foretells a time of great accomplishment where all things reach a peak flowering in the expression of life.

How then can we take the reins to make this the best year for our own growth and potential, to evolve in a way that serves the highest good? We must look ahead, to use this powerful vision, in being at the greatest heights in such a time. This new moon and new year give us boundless opportunities to manifest our heart’s callings. This year, the spiritual meets the physical in the number 7, numerically present in the combination of 2 + 0 + 1 + 4. So in this new moon on New Year’s eve, may you be aware of the powerfully potent potential for all of your intentions to breathe life into the world around you and all threads that weave the fabric of your life.

This New Moon is a stunning time to meditate on our journey. To tune in deeply to the energy present at this time, imagine your bare feet on the ground as you stand at the top of a mountain. What is your message as you speak your truth to those before you here? Feel yourself grounded in your purpose here…and stand for a moment to become one with this mission. As you imagine yourself standing there, pause for a moment to witness the feeling of your heart beating. Let all else fade away and just listen to it’s rhythm. Be calm in this moment and take your breathe with you as you follow your heat beat. Imagine opening your arms wide, to show the world your heart.

Feel your shoulders back as you bare your love for life and share that gift with those who stand before you. Know that in opening up in this moment…inspires others to be just as brave. Bring your shoulders back and feel all of your body relax in an open state, feeding from the light that pours into your soul. Look up and around, as the sun begins to set. Feel it gently warming your skin on it’s way down, as you follow it slowly down the mountain back to the earth below. As you return to the night below, imagine the feeling of pure peace…in knowing exactly where you are going in this life time. As this is the gift of this New Moon in Capricorn before we soon enter the Year of the Horse ahead.


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