New Moon in Pisces

pisces new moon

The upcoming New Moon at 10 degrees of Pisces is on Saturday the 1st of March. The Pisces New Moon leads us into the soul dimension, allowing for the deep exploration of the spiritual inner life. Conjunct a stellium (cluster of planets) with Sun, Chiron and Neptune…all in the watery sign of Pisces, this moon phase brings forth new seeds of inspiration, with powerful awakenings that bring the subconscious life to the conscious. This new Pisces moon allows for a stronger connection between all aspects of the self, opening a door between the spiritual and manifest.

Pisces is a fluid sign, like a fish, rarely fixing itself to anything, swimming with the currents of life and able to see the many facets of any situation. The new moon in this sign can offer a deep well in which we may tap into untouched aspects of ourselves that have great beauty and wisdom within them.

The sign of oneness, the very nature of Pisces is about serving the greater good. On the other hand, Pisces can get lost in others like its fellow water signs, able to feel great compassion for those around them.

Feelers, that find it a challenge to switch off, Pisces often go to great lengths to do so. The important thing here is to make sure those things used to help in switching off, are healthy and not detrimental to wellbeing. Dreams & wonder offer great insight at this time. Listen to the hidden messages during this moon phase…and feel the answers to any questions you may have.

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