A New Astrological cycle

New Moon Aries Leah Jade

This New Moon in Aries is the first of the new Western Astrological year (zodiac cycle). After the Equinox on the 21st of March, energy began to shift into the opposite direction, being inward for the southern hemisphere and outward for the northern. In this transformational time we see the pendulum sway bringing life once more into balance. It’s a time of new beginnings and letting go, so that we may continue to receive light as the leaves fall around us. The Aries new moon ignites our passion from the core, shining a light from within as all around us is dark in the absence of the sun’s reflection when the moon conjuncts (joins) it, hiding from us at night. This darkness helps us reflect, see clearly with our heart, as distractions fall away…the direction of where we seek to go to now from this new moment.

The new Aries moon cautions against moving too fast, as our energy is high with inspiration and vision to initiate and lead the way into uncharted ventures. Akin to the fool card of the major arcana, this time can bring great adventure, on the bright side but on the dark side, make us “foolish” in the act of not thinking before doing (as Aries often do). So we must weigh things up in our heart intuitively before taking that leap into the unknown at this time. The new moon in Aries also brings us to to appreciate “new life” in all it’s forms. From the birth of a new baby to the germination of seedlings of the earth. This is a significant time to reflect upon the powers that surround such miracles and to appreciate all that has influence over new life.

This Aries new moon brings us a time that calls for us to break new ground with our sheer determination, from the dark places of fire and passion within in order to light up the world around us. It’s time to shine, not be afraid, speak up, open up and take charge of our lives. This is the time more than any other to lead our own way and fear not…for fear is the force that ties us down, leading us away from the adventures of the soul we were intended and designed to experience on this earth. Consider what this means for you and run with the wind that ignites your fire within.

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