Month of the Earth Snake

Snake month

In the year of the Wood Horse, this month of the Earth Snake brings us a double fire energy with both the Horse and Snake being fire animals. This means our nerves can become frayed, as we can become burnt out energetically. Although we here in the Southern Hemisphere have the cold upon us as Autumn turns to Winter…we must remember that the heavenly bodies have impact just as much as the Earthly environmental influences and elements. And so, in writing this months forecast, I would like to first reflect upon the Spiritual enormity of the eclipse month just passed. I was grateful to share this Full Moon eclipse being the first I was ever fully able to witness. Last month brought many things to surface in the emotional realm, bringing recognition to areas that needed closure, to help us move forward with life.

This month, in the Chinese month of the Earth Snake, we have many matters of the heart arise for illumination. It is a highly spiritual month again, highlighting the emotional realm and bringing us the need for a delicate balancing act. It is a month where the art of living becomes an important aspect of our own self determination. We must now see that we are the makers and creators of our own lives and it’s unfolding. We may shape and mold our lives in many many difference ways and forms, so this months challenge is to choose our creative expression wisely, from the heart.

This month’s balancing element is Earth. Although personally this element may not be favourable for those that are already quite strong in their earth energy…overall, we will require gentle grounding and consideration to the benefits of slowing down this month. Being predominantly ruled by the Taurean sun, May brings us to focus upon our earthly needs, which is perfect in this time where we transit through not only the fire animal month of the Snake, but also the Year of the Wood Horse. So we have double Fire! This means we must “Earth” ourselves. We need to remain grounded, as we have come to learn from last months eclipse.

It’s time now to focus simply upon our health foundations. These are the key foundations of our lives and as we transit through a demanding time spiritually and energetically, it’s important to keep solid on our nutrition, our lifestyle, fitness and keep life as simple as possible, to avoid draining our reserves to the point of pain and weakness. No matter what, this month calls for us to be gentle, move slowly and take care to be kind to ourselves. So do take care. For if you do, this will be one of the most colourful, heart warming and beautiful spiritual months you come by.


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