Month of the Yang Metal Horse



This month is a double Horse given we are in the year of the Horse. This means there is strong “fire” energy. Fire brings us a very creative spirit to play with and enjoy while also calling for us to have the wisdom to remain balanced with sufficient rest to recharge and not “burn” out. The fire element governs the heart, spirit and shen (seat of consciousness), stirring up our dreams at night. The heart-mind (shen) energetic balance is revealed in this month, as it’s state is illuminated so that we may see any areas that need attention. It governs the emotional realm, meaning if we are not fulfilled within our hearts, this month will make it difficult to sleep at night or stir some unsettled dreams.

The best way to get the most out of this high energy month is to learn the art of “calm”. To simply commit to enjoying yourself through pursuits of personal value. Be it music, cooking, study or business, this month places importance on personal fulfillment. If this is not taken care of, then our energy can become significantly depleted, effecting the nervous system (brain) and mental faculties, governed by the fire element. So, you may be wondering how else to balance out the Fire dominance this month. Well, elementally, water can become steamed out and dissipate in time of extreme fire presence, so restoring our reserves by supporting our kidneys (water organs) is essential. This means a sufficient supply of natural salts nutritionally to purify and strengthen, fluid to filter and lubricate and rest to replenish.

Fire element burns to ashes, becoming earth, meaning we can balance ourselves by “earthing” ourselves this month. Being grounded (practical, paced, sensible, realistic, physical and well fed) will keep the excess fire energy somewhere to go, a channel and direction. Being the Yang Metal Horse, this month can be seen as a great opportunity to create new forms as there is a melting made possible, where once fixed structures now becomes malleable, soft and able to take on new meaning, shape and form. This can be in any area of life, depending on what the “Metal” element represents to you personally (in your chart). For Wood people, their personal power and for women, relationships can be reformed, reinvented and given new life. This can mean a new definition of self for many wood people.

For fire (day sign) element people, metal element represents “money” and business. This can mean a new opportunity at work or a better financial plan, or simply that your money is on the move this month (put to use, invested). For Earth element people, Metal element represents “creativity”. This can indicate  a time of stepping out into the light and giving birth to new ideas, structures or plans that help initiate something fresh and useful (earth people like being useful:). For metal people, this month is “active”. There is likely to be a full social calender for metal people with lots of networking opportunities. This is a month of personal transformation and development for metal people. Their life is likely to take on new meaning and direction in June.

For water people, the strong fire can be draining, but metal is also present to offer support. So the dynamic this month is a delicate balance of self preservation while giving as you do so well. While nurturing others this month, you will find energy in learning new things, study and rest. It will be particularly important for you to have some alone and down time this month, to prevent exhaustion. Health will also be a key area of focus for water people who can be depleted of energy if there is insufficient nutritional replenishment.

Overall, this month offers “romance” and focus on relationships as the Horse is known as a romance animal. There is also the presence of a clash, given we are in the yang Wood Horse, opposite to yang metal. This means there will  be some level of disharmony, that requires our attention. This indicates a very strong need to SLOW DOWN. For everyone. Metal “cuts” wood element, so if, in the fast pace of fire, we become reckless and excited, we can injure ourselves (wood governs the limbs). It also means we need to watch the health of our Liver, by caring for ourselves emotionally and nutritionally. The Liver loves GREEN, so we need to eat plenty of them this month, to stay strong, centred and emotionally fit. This will enable us to prevent becomes unsettled and exhausted by the energetic dynamic present, influencing us this month.

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