Spring Equinox & The New Moon in Libra

Libra New Moon

This is a time of New beginnings in the Southern Hemisphere and universally in the way of “relationships”. The Libra New Moon also suggests that we find balance and particularly relates to justice. So at this time we begin to look closer and focus more upon finding balance in new ways.

This Libra New Moon takes place on our Spring equinox in the Southern Hemisphere, aligned with the natural forces of new beginnings. This is a great omen for relationships to reach new levels of understanding and equality, which are the keys to balance and harmony.

This is an auspicious time to begin putting in place new ways of bringing more harmonious flow into our relationships with others, particularly partnerships of any kind. Consideration and insight will grow from being able to share one another’s varying perspectives and finding common ground upon which to relate.

The Spring Equinox is also a time of magnetic energy changing direction. This means that our new insights at this time will bring great changes and shifts as our life begins to move once again outwardly in growth with new beginnings as nature comes to blossom. It’s time now for our relationships to blossom, along with those areas of our lives that we are passionate about restoring the balance and order (justice) to.

Being the Year of the Wood Horse which is the greatest “Yang” animal of the Chinese Zodiac, it is also a beautiful sign of flowering to come over the next six months until we arrive to the Yin Wood Goat in February next year. Over the last six months in the Southern hemisphere we have been gathering our resources, knowledge, wisdom and strength so that now we may begin to grow, moving forward with power and speed like the Horse itself.

The Spring Equinox brings out our creativity and being aligned with the New Moon in Libra, it foretells a beautiful time ahead romantically, be it in relationships already committed, or the openness of relating to others in a platonic way. Either way, we have a great harmony now and ahead of us in our experiences and interactions with the other world, as it is a time of restoring balance.

And as the Universe works with the Heavens to restore balance and harmony, energy begins to flow better as our missing pieces come to light for our awareness to enhance our ability to restore a sense and reality of completeness. Like the Yin and Yang, this is a time where our knowledge of opposing forces brings wisdom and strength to our ability to gain insight and understanding from them that better our lives.

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