The Month of the Wood Pig


Yesterday we entered the Yin Wood Pig brings us to a more harmonious month as we have the flow of elements from the Pig being a Water animal to the Wood in both the month and year heavenly stem then to the fire, fed by the strong water fed wood element. This brings a nice elemental balance however with the Pig being a travel star, it’s a month that can shake things up and get us moving. Water wants to flow and that’s what it will be doing this month, with all that wood and fire (Horse) around.

Water element relates to our kidney, bone and reproductive health. This means we need to take more care of these areas during this month as well as next month in the Rat, also a water animal. The kidneys need plenty of rest as they are considered the storehouse of our vital life force (qi). With the wood and fire elements present this month, we need to maintain our energy as the Water element can become exhausted, meaning we can easily “burn out”.

Metal element people (those born on a metal day) need to take more care than most this month with the elemental dynamic. It will be easy for metal people to become energetically drained without the earth element present or the metal element to support them. Wood people especially will have a better month with stronger energy than usual. Wood especially as the plant need both water and sun (fire) to thrive.

This means it is a great time to support the liver with a detox, given that the Wood element governs the Liver. Emotions are governed by the Liver so can show up quite strong this month in particular. Being Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s also the season of the Wood element (governing the Liver), meaning people are generally much mover emotional. This often naturally correlates with the wind that spring brings moving into Summer.

It’s important now to remain “earthed” with such dynamics at play…meaning we need to stay grounded among all this change. The Pig is an animal of great change and can be unsettling for many. This is also why rest is important this month as well as good nourishment from food. Hydrating and salty foods will help maintain physical balance this month. By salty, I mean naturally salty and not foods that contain iodised salt which also contains artery hardening aluminium. Avoid that (iodised salt) at all costs. You can obtain iodine naturally in other ways.

So this month, be sure to look after yourself. It is a creative month and you are going to need all that energy.

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