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It’s been a lengthy period since my last post here. Much has changed. I am now a mother which has transformed me greatly. Recently I have been pondering the power of words…in particular, the power of the phrase “I am…” which brings me here. I have found myself talking to my baby, telling her what I’m doing, to help her learn about the world. And in this act I came to think and reflect upon the power of language in self definition. 
I feel that the size of spiritual expansion depends greatly upon the manifestation of self through words and their vibration. How small it can make one feel to focus upon little things so constantly, to be distracted by them and forgetting our greater purpose in life. So here I am now reflecting on who “I am” today. 
Basically, I am a dedicated mother. I am on a journey of grounding myself after a lifetime of upheaval and change. Astrologically coming from a Scorpion south node, I am moving toward my Taurean north node destiny of “simplifying life”. And part of that for me lies in the redefining and declaration of “who I am”…for clarity and confidence. 
I am an Astrologer, who selectively uses the tool for the greater good, well beyond selfish purposes of gain and blame. I do not use Astrology to escape the accountability of choosing from the heart which way to go, but to help find the heart and trust it. So in writing this first post here on this site of mine (one of a few)…I commit to getting clear on who “I am”. 
So as I feel pulled and called to speak up about so many things, I will be sharing here again. Be it to inspire and create greater change in the world or to share snippets of gratitude for the purpose of grounding my own self. I welcome you as the reader to join me again on my journey of fulfillment. And thank you for doing so. 

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