New Moon in Aries

As I lay my baby down to sleep, listening to Native American Indian flutes…I ponder this new moon just gone. The lunar tick has me feeling strongly. There is a sense of fulfilling gratitude in the air that I breathe. This new moon in Aries is such a powerful new moon. Why? Quite simply because Aries is the first sign…the sign of fresh starts and new beginnings.

So Here we stand, at the edge of the ending of one completed cycle while facing the open fields before us yet to be created. And it’s beautiful! My “first” post back, a few days ago was a great entrance into this new moon’s theme. As Aries is all about “I am”…and while I often don’t look at the stars now since being a new mum…not thinking about this being the new moon approaching…I feel so truly connected with it’s significance. 
As I settle into a new home which has such a beautiful meaning in my own life…I wonder about how this might be experienced by others. Where in life might this new moon be sweeping through in the lives of others. I know in my own chart (life), this new moon has taken place in the 8th house, which signifies an impact of great change and transformation. So there are some very real “new beginnings” for me personally! It’s as though in moving into what feels like my first real “home”… I am given my first taste of “stable energy”. 
Though the 8th house is all about the opposite…I believe the “change and new beginning” itself just being in the Astrological house for me, says so much in telling me, that life will no longer be that way for me…unstable and shaky. So, this new moon IS very powerful. Showing us where we are heading in a way that illuminates the light of the soul in the darkness of the world in the black moon (hiding behind the sun). It’s in this time that, like a lantern in the night, we…our spirits can shine. 
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