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9 months ago my life was transformed! The most beautiful blessing of all arrived by my side. My little baby girl brought me love beyond measure…beyond anything I could ever imagine! Here is how…
Our little Ella Rose began preparing my body for her arrival on Saturday the 19th of July. We had a feeling she was on her way given the preparation dedicated to her gentle entrance. My last birth prep acupuncture appointment was on Thursday, and Friday night I experienced niggles that told me this little baby was not far away.
From 10 mins apart, waves rolled through my body and began to grip stronger and stronger right through the weekend until finally they were only 1 – 2 minutes apart early Monday morning. Both Saturday & Sunday nights, I was able to sleep through each contraction between 6 & 7 – occasionally 10 minutes apart, until reaching more consistent closeness at 4am on Monday morning, when my waters began to flow between movements. I would walk up & down our stairs for the bathroom which was moving things along further each journey.
I would continue about my day as Matt doted and waited on me, cooking our favourite meals and ensuring I was hydrated with plenty to drink. As the waves of energy became more intense, Matt was there to grip onto. Filling the birth pool at 6am on Monday morning, I was amazed at the instant relief of the beautiful warm water. Matt lay mostly there on the bed beside the pool, as we listened to beautiful music.
It was just us two (3 really). No one knew that my labour had begun. I was now in active labour and planned it this way to avoid any distractions slowing things down. We wanted it to be as calm as possible. All the while as the waves of intensity swept through my body, I felt gratitude for each one of them bringing me closer to my baby girl. I thought I would use the Lavender oil I so love during labour for pain management, but when the time came…I didn’t want anything taking me away from the powerful feelings I was experiencing as my baby and I united in our purpose.
I wanted every last drop of sensation to propel this magic forward and bring forth my love. I was held in Matthew’s embrace, danced to beautiful music and swayed my baby down through my expanding pelvis…even listening to some romantic Elvis. We figured, rhyming with “pelvis” Elvis would help vibrationally open me up for what was to come. Our baby girl gently and gradually wore down my every barrier, breaking down my every wall as I began to surrender with all my might to the transformation taking place within me.
We lit candles and burnt oils of Clary Sage, Jasmine, Geranium, Rose & Ylang ylang…helping to encourage the flow of unfolding. Each time I would massage magnesium on my belly, blended with evening primrose oil with this essential oil blend, the waves of intensity would flow even more freely. In those times I would drop to the medicine ball and hold onto Matt, sounding out the trembling inside. In between we would both stop every once in a while to use the base / root chakra crystal bowl…in a ceremony of encouragement to our baby girl.
Monday night came and we managed to wiggle our way out of Matthew’s mother’s suspecting intuition with message replies that I was well and carrying on as usual in responce to questions of whether or not I was experiencing any “niggling pains etc”. A couple of close friends messaged, but were not responded to, upon my request. The phone was ignored and things progressed so beautifully. We put on Anna Urbanski’s Birth Bliss Guided Relaxation and things picked up well.
My moans returned to the deepest of breathes and it was as if for the first time…I discovered the true power of the breath! Everything transformed within me. Matthew laying on the floor meditating with me, really amplified the power of what was taking place! We were doing this together! I began opening in a whole new way! This was when things were taken to another level. I instinctively (without thinking) took to bed once more, when transition begun and I could no longer talk. Matthew offered me food but I could not move.
The voice final show was on as I slipped into transition and went within…silent between the increasing power of vocal waves that rippled through me as Ella pushed her way down the canal. I felt every bit of it and as much as it took over me, I loved and trusted in the process. Matthew encouraged me to get up, not realising the stage things were at…that my labour had reached it’s peak…a “final” of it’s own. Matt’s mother then became more curious without hearing from us during our favourite show…The Voice…especially during the “Final”…of which I obviously saw nothing.
It was happening. Still, we revealed nothing. I for one, was unable to speak or move. When Matt encouraged me to “move to keep things happening and assist the labour along” I could barely tell him…that nothing “needed helping” along…that Ella was certainly almost here. Just then as he left the room, thinking I was getting lazy in labour…putting on the Voice…turning off my mystical labour sounds…I gave a whopping “Wooooooaaaaaahhhhh” that brought him straight back in. He saw that I had returned to the pool and I found the voice to tell him…”Ella & I have got this…we’re doing it”. So he quickly put the Tony O’connor Awakenings cd back on…as I began to “push” baby Ella down.
For a few minutes…I chanted as Matt joined in…”I surrender…I let go…I birth” And just then…I suggested as Ella’s head was emerging…that maybe we could now call the midwife. And so he did. And within 30 minutes, Joy had arrived just 15 minutes before Ella’s birth and her partner Amy, who arrived just 2 minutes before Ella was here…while her head was already out. This was the most beautiful experience of my life by far!
My baby Ella Rose joined us with little noises and not even a cry. But to hear her voice was something so dear that we had been longing to hear. Her touch so soft and her gaze so peircing. I would do it all again. There are no words for the love that has flooded our lives with this beautiful baby girl! We are so blessed and grateful to have had the birth we dreamed of and prepared for. To be able to bring our baby into the world in the comfort of our own home and for Ella to take her first breathe in her own room was something truly amazing! I can only hope more women see this as a possibility for themselves. As with enough self care, preparation and planning…I have found that birth can be the most magical experience of our lives.
Ella Rose was born at 10:13pm on Monday the 21st of July at 7 pounds and 50cm long. She is the most beautiful thing we have ever laid our eyes on.

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