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Stress is a challenge we face each day in the pursuit of balance in life. The greatest challenge…is releasing the thoughts that keep us hooked to stressful thinking. My focus in life has recently turned to the triggers of emotionally driven behaviour, mental instability and loss of focus.

What I’m coming to learn is a beautiful lesson of coming back to the miracles of life itself. Through grounding, tuning back into the basic truths of mother nature and how that really is…all that matters! The earth’s existence in the whole, the universe really as you turn your attention to it, places everything into perspective.

As I am reminded of how short life is, with even more losses recently in my own life and in those close to me, my heart has been broken…opening me up to the essence within it, that ultimately know what’s important. And it’s not what my mind would naturally lean to. It’s not the small stuff…though the details are what count in making a big picture…what truly matters, is the vision.

Essentially I have been realising of late that we cannot continue in our lives on a journey that offers fulfilment, without the help of others! It’s been a difficult lesson for me to acquire…but, a powerful one! I’ve only ever known how to “go it alone” you might say…but today, I’m realising that it truly is a community that holds the greatest power.

That to me is a gift. To bring together a vision and the people that have the ability and will to help make that a reality, has far greater potential than us…little individuals trying to “get it all done” all by ourselves. Letting go of control, has become that best tool for me in learning that  is actually how we gain momentum in building our dreams.

It’s in the vision of the bees, all working together to make the sweetest thing on earth. WE as individuals are small, in the greater scheme…but our vision however, is like a flame, that when not hindered by a need to control everything, can light up the world for others to see…where to…and how truly beautiful life really is.

And yes, in distraction…in focusing on details and control, we lose sight of such beauty by stressing. So my meditation for now, and what I encourage others to do…is let go of the need to worry…and turn our attention towards the grander scale of natural potential and possibility. As with the imagination, it is truly endless!


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