2016 – Year of the Yang Fire Monkey

Yang Fire Monkey
We enter the Yang Fire Monkey on the 4th of February 2016. This year has been likened by Grand Master Raymond Lo as the “Setting Sun”. Such a beautiful image that fits the natural cycle of where we are in time now Astrologically. Last year, we began our decent back into the yin energy, moving from the greatest Yang animal of the Horse in 2014, to the Goat of 2015. Now, we enter an elemental relationship that shows a more malleable time where we are melted into something new.

As the Sun (yang fire) sets in the West, where the Monkey resides, we are transformed. Metal (Monkey) is melted in the fire and born again, full of potential and possibility. This year is that time when we are renewed, when the past is burnt away and the slate cleaned. We can begin again, with our hearts (fire element) open and inspired. It’s time to shine!


For Water people:

The Fire monkey is a busy and yet supported time where resources are present and strength prevails. The Yang fire can bring focus to finances for water people, showing that money is moving (put to work). It may be time to think about your investments.

For Wood people:

This Year brings enormous growth as the metal element in the Monkey animal, prunes back old branches and overgrowth to make way for the new, where the yang fire Sun, can enter and give rise to new shoots. This means substantial personal growth. Its a year to express yourself powerfully!

Fore Fire people:

This year brings friendships that flower while the focus remains on business, productivity and results. It’s a creative year for the fire element, busy making dreams reality and embarking on new ventures. You will be in the limelight this year and receive recognition. Be sure to stay balanced this year as it can be demanding, so get lots of rest!

Fore Earth people:

2016 is a busy year of action, creativity and expression where you need to watch your energy levels as the Monkey can place demands on you. At the same time, the Fire element will help keep you balanced. It’s a great year to focus on your health and ensure you are fueling your body with the right things to sustain the energy you need.

Fore Metal people:

The Yang Fire Monkey brings change and transformation. You will be unable to rest this year with the fire melting away the old, the rigid and shaking up all existing structure in your life. This can bring great potential to speed up the process of achievement or if not harnessed right, it can slow things down and mean patients will be required.

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