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Such a prominent saying, sometimes so incredibly dis-empowering and yet at other times, it’s so perfectly appropriate. Just what is needed. It’s a constant conversation inside the mind of anyone yet to perfect the ability to meditate. Even so, meditation in this age, is a challenge to achieve consistently as a natural state. So very challenging.

Yet, I ponder it and I strive for this state through the grappling I commit to as I work through what really matters to me. I am finding in this phase of my life, that I’m faced with the question within that asks…Do I wish to struggle, fight against perceived injustice, stand up for my beliefs…Or…Do I wish to “let go” and go with the flow. It’s a theme of the active mind which I inhabit. I’m a Mercurial person (Astrologically) with the planet crowning my Sun & ascendant…so the monkey mind is one I am striving to tame on a continual basis!

Returning to the point…I find there are a couple of images which metaphorically come to mind when face with such divine forks in the road. One…is the person floating…who has given up the struggle, honouring the wisdom of the water element…not struggling at all. Water does not travel “upward”…it “flows” downward, not fighting a thing.

The other image that comes to me right now, is that of a duck in water, paddling relentlessly underneath, looking so calm from above. It’s like the tip of the ice-burg. We see so very little of what lies beneath and yet we assume so much about others. So at this fork in the road, I am brought to choose. Do I keep struggling and appear to have it all together, unable to maintain my energy? Or do I let go…stop, pause, slow down…and float?

It’s funny that in asking a question sometimes, we are brought to the answer so effortlessly. And so…as one of my favourite philosophers Bruce Lee once said…”be like water”…don’t think! Feel! Is my motto right now. I may continue to fight against injustice in the world, as it is against my very nature to contribute to it by ignoring it…but when it comes to me personally, I am letting go of struggle.

I won’t rush. No. I will take my time. I won’t stress about the way anyone else perceives me or “treats” me, as It is only a reflection of their own decided reality. I (we all) create reality based on our inter-actions and those – I can choose. I don’t have to attend every argument I am invited to. When I’m stressed, I can stop, I can pause…and breathe. As   n o t h i n g  is so important that it deserves to take from me, deplete me, suppress me, depress me or make me forget how very brief and fleeting this life….this beautiful precious life really IS.


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