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The elemental dynamic present through June this year is predominantly Metal (Monkey) & Fire (Horse). In the five elements of Chinese Astrology (& Medicine). These elements are not in harmony, however there is great learning that can come from their interaction.

When fire “melts” metal, the energy of transformation is strong. We can create…new forms (metal) through our vision (fire) and shape our lives in new ways that align with our present potential, beyond anything before.

The Fire Monkey is proving to be a highly active year with this dynamic largely at play already. This is made even stronger now over this month, more so than through May in the month of the Snake (the Yin fire animal), due to it being the strongest Yang animal in the Chinese Zodiac.

To me, this elemental balance through June gives the image of the heart and it’s wisdom taking over, helping to heal any “sadness and grief (metal element)” residual from our journey. Each element has it’s own governing emotion and physical area, function / organ of the body.

Arriving at the month of the Wood Horse on the 5th of June, we transit the time of the greatest “Yang” energy through the year. Alongside the Year of the Fire Monkey, this month foretells a strong presence of the Fire Element (horse), supported by the Wood element.

Fire brings focus to the heart, the spirit and the mind. Physically it concerns the CNS – central nervous system. Such aspects of our health require us to take good care not to “burn the candle at both ends”, wear ourselves out and deplete our nerves. The heart, governed by the fire element within the body according to Chinese Medicine, will need more love and care during this month.

It’s a time when we cannot deny the call of our inner voice, the time out (or time in), that we need right now becomes essential to our health. The heart will need listening to or we will see signs of becoming misaligned and imbalanced in our emotional selves.

We see clearly now if not already, that it is impossible to continue to remain distracted by the concerns and opinions of others, rather than maintaining a clear perspective on our own inner calling as we feel it in our hearts.

Having just come through a period Astrologically where a multitude of planets have been retrograde, we come through such time with greater in-sight and wisdom as we have drawn backwards, within, internally for re-flection. With this insight gained, we have a great power now to move forward with rapid flow and momentum! Like the image of the bow and arrow, pulled back prior to it’s release into the direction of it’s aim.

We can look at this as a time where we are flung forward where we have previously been held back. So it can be a powerful month for those who have been yearning for this energy to come and lift them from any lull or stagnation.

With Pluto (Capricorn), Saturn (Sagittarius) and Mars (Scorpio) still all retrograde however, there is still so much teaching us before the fruition come forth and deliver us the true understanding of the value of such digging. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn until September, is the transit that will push us the most, to do this digging, in order to demolish obstructions previously too tough to break through.

The transformation made possible through such difficult time (now) is merely the foundations for the new structure to come, from who we are now, as opposed to who we once were.

With Saturn remaining retrograde until August in Sagittarius, we can spend this time reflecting on where in our lives we may need to balance the needs for both boundaries and expansion. This can greatly help us work out our priorities, and be seen as a time in which we can really find out what means the most to us if we do the work in finding how to best create this balance needed.

As Mars is still retrograde in Scorpio, we can feel like boiling pots, steaming away as we ponder our passions, deep within. This can produce wonderful insight as we feel extreme emotions that can be challenging to deal with. It is with this reflection that we will soon (June 30th as Mars stations direct) be able to find calm, in being more certain of what truly matters to us.

It is from here we can really fine tune our focus on what we feel most passionate about, and chisel away at all else to refine the shape we wish for our lives to take on. So until then, I wish you all the most beautiful dreams to help you get through.

With love,


Leah Jade



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