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I did it! I designed not just a renovation, as I have many times before. I designed a whole home. My home! This last year has been the journey of manifesting it in real life, from the floor plan up. I know that having designed the floor plan of our business has had a lot to do with it’s success, as we have continued to grow at such a rapid pace over the 8 years since establishing Advanced Myotherapy in Carlton.

Keeping me busy this past couple of years has been the amazing beautiful home birth of my little girl followed by the nesting we have grown to love in our new home, built from the walls up that we designed on Feng Shui principles. Our family and visiting friends have all been commenting on the amazing feel of our home and we know how much of that can be attributed to the deliberate Feng Shui design.

Now that it’s all complete as all the last brush strokes colour the weather boards and fences, I am blessed to be coming home to the key board. It’s been a while since sharing and consulting for me, as a toddler mum now, but as Matt completes the home, we have become free again to enjoy the fruits of our labours. Especially as we watch our backyard vegie garden grow!

So I look forward to sharing more as we look to the future with hands free to create even more beauty in the world around us.

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