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Born with the Moon in Cancer, I’m a lunar child who feels it’s fullness quite strongly. Cancer is ruled by the Moon so when the moon is full in it’s opposite sign, we can expect an energy of balance. We are brought to a slow point coming to the full moon on Wednesday the 20th of July.

The Full Moon highlights all things Capricorn this month, being: what we have learn through experience. This is a time of reflection and insight. This full moon brings the gift of focus on the important aspects of life that we aspire to achieve as we evolve. The Goat (Capricorn) is a sign of goal oriented application.

Being the Chinese Month of the Wood Goat, the energies align in terms of the East & West influences, as the full moon is expansive, just as the Wood element in the Chinese system of Medicine, philosophy and astrology is.

Celebrated in this full moon is our roots, wisdom, tradition, culture and ambition. Our emotional drive now aligns strongly with our physical actions in creating something solid in the world that is practical, sustainable and survival savvy.

In Chinese Astrology, we are now moving through the month of the Yin Wood Goat…so though we are moving through many task essential to our future security, the Earth element of the Goat (in both systems of Astrology right now) encourages us to slow down, so as not to miss what’s important…and also to smell the roses.

As someone who is already strong in the earth element (overall), the Goat being an earth animal tends to bring me a little more in the way of challenges, as the earth element is strong, un-moving and solid…an element that a Yin Wood like myself finds a struggle at times to break through.

I’m a little late (about a week) in writing this post as the Chinese zodiac animal month usually starts about a week into the calendar month.

This month, the earth element is strong, so have patience as energy slows down…to teach us this very lesson. Its all very well as this years Monkey being so active, probably won’t allow for much down time.

This month is “practical” month, a time for doing those many things you always “intend” on getting done…the time consuming tasks that must be completed to achieve your goals.

Goats can climb high because of this elemental trait, so keep this in your mind this month (until the first week of August). Next month we have 2 Monkeys, which are metal element…(both year & month animal), so prepare for a time of “cutting” away any overgrowth then.

This month’s hard yards will position us nicely for such refinement then, as we begin to see more clearly, whats left that needs tending to.

Remember, the earth element also relates to the physical body and wellness. It’s no surprise that I personally am finally “doing” some very practical things that I’ve long been “thinking” about, during this Goat month.

Being a Wood Goat, it’s also about community and networks (branching out), so coming together with people and bringing expertise in to achieve certain tasks, seems to be the theme here right now.

Personally…I joined a Vegan Mumma bake group that I’m really happy about. I’ve also been working on some new product ideas in the way of Self Care education. So while it’s been busy, this month is showing me the need for community and getting practical, as well as focusing on my health.

Recovering from a chronic skin condition brought on by grief as I faced the loss of my beloved grandfather last year, all the while watching my little girl suffer with eczema developed at the exact same time, I realised how important it can be to be cautious about what we allow into our systems.

Not only is the skin a reflection of the lungs, which is where grief resides in the body, but it is also the elimination organ that reveals the foods we eat!

So after 10 months of my daughter and I suffering together, I worked my way back towards a vegan lifestyle, gradually eliminating animal products all the while improving to the point of full recovery!

So moving through this Wood Goat, I am learning just how powerful certain foods can be, especially how much we really need to focus on incorporating as much earth “plant” foods into our diets.

So I’ll leave you with this as I plan on being on time with the Monkey coming up in August for you.

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