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Leah JadeSlowly but surely I am beginning more and more to marvel in gratitude for the perfection of the complimentary nature of all my passionate pursuits as a practitioner and mother.

As a poet, a writer, a therapist, a mum and an entrepreneur, I am realising that each of these parts of me come together to form an “alignment” with one another in promoting health and wellbeing on an energetic and physical level.

I LOVE what i do. Every day. I have the blessing of being either in clinic or an at home mum, growing my own food, sharing the lessons of self sustainability with my little girl and leading her gently with love.

I leave no stone unturned and regret absolutely nothing. I write A LOT. And that is because I love the power of writing. In manifestation. And that is what I’m here to do after all.  I’m not here to follow. That’s not who I am. I am here to be true to myself so If that means being a little different then I’m all too happy with that.

I feel blessed to have found my tribe as a mother now. I admittedly am a hermit, addicted to self education and self progression. I can’t stand stagnation. My mother stagnated to the point of her early death…and for me, that was in fact a blessing in being the most potent  “lesson” I learned from.

I learned from witnessing her suffering and chose to find other ways. Watching her slowly die and being ill from my early childhood gave me the insight and preparation as she informed me that the Doctor’s said she didn’t have long to live…when I was just seven. And as we had a close relationship, she told me this. Some may find that shocking, but I am grateful for that. Why?

Because each and every day, in the back of my mind was the nature of life being so damn short and sweet. We loved each other dearly and truly. And NEVER did I leave “I love you”  unsaid! It’s been my GREATEST blessing in life. To learn how fragile it is so young and after losing my twin siblings in the same year that I turned 12, this was ingrained in me…carved deep within my heart!

I never let a day go to waste since! I chip away and chip away at any resistance to surrender to my incredible drive to share with the world and get over myself in being a hermit, so that I can help others free themselves from suffering in it’s many forms. I’ve seen too much of it to have a hunger to shift it beyond my need for a quiet life.

That TOO in itself is a quality that came from a colourful rollercoaster of an early life. I LOVE the quiet. I soak up the sun, the rain, the flowers and all the world around me, without any desire to have a cluttered eventful social calendar or schedule. WHY? Because I’ve been there and done that drama…witnessing it around me as a child.

Now I just love the quiet! But I’m also on a mission to make some this drive deep within my heart is the one that doesn’t mind getting in your face! I want to wake you up! I want to remind you that life is TOO short to waste. Coulda, shoulda, woulda is all to easy! Breaking through the glass ceiling may “seem” hard, but in essence we just have to! If we don’t want regrets in life…then we need to focus on what our heart beats for.

So if you take anything away from reading this today, let it be a reminder. To just get off your toosh…and make a move. Take the first and hardest step. If you want better health, more fitness, better energy and greater wellbeing…then start looking after those aspects of your life. The quality of your life matters!

Whatever it is you want…GO GET IT! Go get it NOW!

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