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Virgo New Moon by Leah JadeThe New Moon in Virgo is really fitting for the first day of Spring (as it is in Australia). Spring clean time! Detox time! Virgo is the sign of purification, the sign that LOVES organisation and cleanliness. The sign that breathes life into the “cleanliness is godliness” notion.

My father was a Virgo and a hard worker. Fastidious and meticulous, he was “fussy”. He worked with “metal” in fact…the manifestation of a “Mercury” governed man.

How do we harness this New Moon in Virgo influence? We get organised! We set out on a mission to “Get IT done”. A mission to make it happen…that which is deeply calling us on a soul level.

It’s a time in which we can really tune into our earthly desires to “live well” and achieve a “higher vibration” to get closer to our ultimate higher potential and purpose.

We also have the eclipse which electrifies the air that we breathe right now…inspiring us with a higher level of energy to “create”, as the new moon encourages (naturally). Look in your garden…follow the moon for guidance on growing life…literally and metaphysically on the spiritual level.

The moon helps us manifest, physically and spiritually nurturing us to the soul level. And when the New Moon is in Virgo, we can harness this lunar phase to get our life in order in the areas that need it most.

With Mercury retrograde at this time also, it’s time to “go back” and reflect in order to straighten things out and take the essential learning from the past to integrate it now today.

It’s time for structure. Re-developing our life processes, business policies and procedures and going over anything that needs further attention, so that we may extract more learning from any potential areas in need of improvement in our lives.

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