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TeaAbout 2 months ago I quit caffeine. I have had about 4 lapses since, but they were in the form of a decaf coffee.

What inspired me to do it was the reminder that caffeine can increase anxiety type behaviours…and as a highly energised person in general, I pondered on this briefly before making the choice to drop it. Honestly, I have never had MORE energy! I allowed myself more time to wake up in the morning, switching to caffeine free tea and simply opting out of coffee at cafes.

Less anxiety was an instant result! Mornings were less about getting things done and became more about gradually building momentum and focusing on self care. I can now enjoy my cuppas without worrying about getting dizzy after a few…as I mix them up between organic caffeine free chai and herbal teas depending on how I’m feeling.

I wanted to share this as I know that as a mother, we can feel enormous pressure to be all things to all people in our lives at the expense of our inner peace and poise. What this simple choice and change has done for me personally, is allow me the gentle self awareness of my own needs for rest and PACE.

I have since learned that we just don’t need to WAKE up and bounce out of bed in the morning…even though I often feel inspired to do so, especially since going to bed soon after my little girl, if not with her. It has allowed me the ability to set myself free from any sleep stress or “doing” pressure around whatever waits my attention.

And you know what…chores are not going anywhere. You might as well enjoy doing them. For the sake of having a nice personal space, one that feels good to be in…that lifts you up rather than stresses you out. So I’m going to leave you there. And thank you for reading. As this is my first post coming from my new clarity…around what it is that I feel called to focus on in life.

And when I was a teenager, the first thing the Astrologer I went to see said to me was…You will be working with Mothers one day.

To this day…I never forgot that…as it was the very first thing she said! And now…It just so happens, that this is my true hearts calling! So coming to a more practical approach after an early life of spiritual uprooting…I am here now to focus on the gift of getting grounded. And nothing will do that more than Motherhood!

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