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screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-2-13-17-pm The rare Super Moon is here as the Full Moon in Aries takes place conjunct unpredictable Uranus.

The garden is loving this lunar vibe! Make sure you get out under this amazing light tonight as the super moon is much larger than normal, being closest to the earth than it normally gets. This means it has a much stronger gravitational pull over our tides, both earthly and personally.

You see, we are made of water. This means we cannot help but be sensitive to the lunar phases especially the Super full moon, and being in Aries conjunct Uranus, energy is higher…much, much higher than usual.

There is almost an enlightened feel at present. For those of you who have planets in cardinal signs at around 23 degrees, this is a charged time, where changes are made. These changes are “out of the blue” and unexpected.

This full moon is especially powerful in getting a clear insight into what direction we feel pulled towards making the most dramatic changes in on a larger scale with the gift of life that we have been given. As individuals we each have been touched in some way, by our own life, by that which we have seen, where we have been, what we have felt and witnessed, and how we use these insights to make a difference is our choice alone.

This is a time in which we may feel incredibly drawn, magnetically driven and inspired to make waves in an area we most feel called to do so. So ponder tonight as you gaze up at the glowing super moon…Where are you inspired to make a difference? Where in the world do you feel needs the most change, the biggest shake up and evolution?

This is the time to let that vision shine! So take notes and don’t let these genius ideas and inspirations go to waste!

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