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birth-naturally-leah-jadeThose curves, that bump! Slowly but surely they grow bigger with baby as we begin slowing down day by day, hardly noticing at first.

I was amazed at the storm of symptoms I saw especially in later pregnancy as my body waddled around with limited mobility and added pressures.

I was so thankful that I had the clinic and regular treatments, especially as my therapist went on holidays when I really discovered what she was actually doing for me! My body craved that help! My legs ached with throbbing veins and poor circulation. After all, I was used to a Yogi’s body, free of pain…free to move as I pleased.

Being pregnant is a whole different ball game, so I discovered. You need more in the way of nutrition as baby needs all that good stuff to grow. As one of my teeth cracked off, I knew it was time to up my self care, while baby took my calcium, my iron and my energy. All for a great cause I know:)

What I was blown away by in pregnancy, was the enormous pressure on the posture especially later as I grew. The pelvis struggled to keep it’s balance and the lower back was in immense pain until my next Massage!

I never suffered back pain before pregnancy. I have been practicing Yoga since I was 10 years old. True story! So this was all new to me. This is why now, as a mother, I can share my lived experience of how to overcome this problem. How to prevent the pain and deal with it naturally…just as I was able to as each new symptom surfaced.

With pre-natal Yoga, swimming, regular Massage and specific movements, I was able to maintain my body, support my immune system and prevent the stress that so many women complain of during pregnancy.

So this is why I love what I do so dearly! Helping women find a natural, drug free way of dealing with pain is rewarding in itself to me. Most of all, it’s about bringing a new life into the world with good energy, for the best possible start! That is why I love working with mothers!

So if you are someone suffering with pregnancy posture pain, I highly recommend Yoga, swimming and staying active! But mostly, I recommend rest! Take the pressure off and lay down. It’s a big job making a baby! Pause for a moment an experience the awe-some-ness of what you are doing!

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