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It’s almost the Pig month! The Pig is a Water animal. If you are like me and water as a favourable element of yours, then let the good times flow. Water element to Wood people, is the “resource” element, meaning you will find “help” in the form of helpful people, the right kind of help, support, supportive people, resources for growth and a general sense of being supported.

Being the “earth pig”, it’s also a time in which wood element people shine in business and gain momentum in achieving results in being productive.

Water element to Fire people, is the “power” element. This will be the month to be disciplined, a month in which you might receive recognition, promotion or a higher status. It will be time to control or be controlled. Being the “earth pig”, this month will also see fire people getting really creative, stepping out and speaking up more.

Water element to Earth people, is the “money” element. This month brings you results, increases focus on business or productivity. Being the “earth” Pig, you will find there is also a focus on friendships, with people who are like you. As this is the “earth pig”, November will also keep earth element people busy socially, as they find likeminded communities and a sense of belonging.

Water element to Metal people, is the “creative” element. The Pig will bring you a strong focus on your career and getting out there, speaking up and creating things. It will be your time to make things happen and express yourself. Being the “earth pig”, this November will also see metal element people finding the right supports to make things happen much more smoothly.

Water element to Water people, is the self element. This month will bring water people other likeminded people, strength and also competition. They say competition is a good sign, so take this as a sign that you are valuable. As water in fact is the most valuable element on our planet. This month is very social for water people, but also a time to step into your power, being the “earth pig”.

The Earth and Water elements are strong this month as we move into the Pig on the 7th in Chinese Astrology. In Western Astrology, the Sun is in Scorpio which is a time of great depth and soul searching. This is a significant time of change and transformation, so if this is your game, then it’s your time to shine.

I’m no stranger to it. Change is the key to evolution. Adjusting is a sign of intelligence, and water is the element that has more intelligence than any other. We are in a Watery month astrologically, which also signifies the focus on it as a global resource as well.

The Pig is an animal that signifies great change just as Scorpio does. And with the full moon the closest it’s been to earth in this century, we can sense the energetic glow and enhanced light vibrations, governing our inner energy (water) from a very scientific view point. With the full super moon taking place on the 15th of November in Taurus, we can expect some lovely grounding to shift our internal make up, so that we can finally “wake up”, and take the gift of life in our hands.

Taurus full moon shines a light on our physical world, the tangible and habitual aspect of our lives that shapes the condition of our health and happiness. Are we fulfilled now? What needs to change in order for us to reach that place? What physical shifts do we need to make in terms of how we spend our energy, time, focus and money, in order to build our best lifestyle and create a better future.

It’s time for change and transformation. We need to do some “earth moving” in order to recreate our boundaries and protect ourselves from forces of nature, to prevent physical vulnerability such as illness and disease. We need to meditate on how best we can take care of our bodies, nurture ourselves and others, so as to get the most out of life, so that we can enjoy it that best we can.


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