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gemini-moonWe come to December’s full moon in Gemini this week. It’s no ordinary full moon…not that there ever would be. This full moon however has an extra special quality about it. A harmonious “vibe” that brings forth a flow of ideas, access to higher intelligence and sparks of insight that would normally be harder to achieve.

The grand trine alignment between Mars in Aquarius and Jupiter in Libra with the Full Moon brings illumination to the higher planes (Air element), that allows for and flow which brings “change” and transformation as any “triangle” (trine) offers an energetic doorway into another realm, way of existence. A triangle is a doorway, and this Full Gemini Moon will help get things moving, as Gemini being a “mutable” sign loves.

As The Full moon opposes the Sun Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius, we are able to receive insight into how best to balance our growth with boundaries, bringing the two together to support one another just as yin and yang give birth to one another. It is a time that we need to see the “blessings in disguise”…for wherever we cut back, there is always more room to grow. As reflected in plant life, when we prune back overgrowth, light is more able to reach that which is yet to grow…empowering it to do so.

Apply this metaphor to your life and see what needs structure, boundaries and limits, so that growth can take place. We cannot have one without the other. Universal law governs all aspects of life. If we follow natural law, we are more able to live in harmony and balance. This is the lesson of this time. Great learning can take place under this full moon.

An astrological alignment between the Moon, Jupiter and Mars,  gives us great energy to awaken our minds and take in the world in order to expand our awareness and connection to all aspects of life around us. This is a wonderful and powerful time full of great potential to help us move into a new, more enlightened way of being and living. Take advantage of this energy. Because this too shall pass.

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