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2017 is the Yin Fire Rooster. The Rooster is a Metal animal so together we have another year of transformation following this year in the Yang Fire Monkey. Fire “melts” metal so we continue to see more in the way of changes where these elements are concerned in our lives. Most of what I wrote for last year elementally will still apply to each of the element self signs.

Being a yin year however, in what is called a romance flower sign, we will see a softer dynamic present that enhances our focus on relationships. Yin fire particularly governs the heart so it will be the year in which we need to take good care of our heart, physically, energetically and spiritually.

Fire relates to the travel industry where metal relates to the mining industry and construction as well as anything really that works with metal such as jewellery and such. Fire once again, as you can imaging, relates to the areas of life that literally involve fire. So this coming year, we will see these two elements highlighted.

There relationship is controlling and not so harmonious, however if either of these elements are favourable to you, are elements that balance you, then it will be a year that brings you balance in some way…ways that relate to the area of life that these elements govern for you personally.

“Feng Shui energies also change from year to year. If there is an important part of the home or workplace in the south sector It is recommended that you hang a metal wind chime to dissolve the negative energy present in that direction in the Rooster year. Months to watch out for where this energy gets stronger are March and September.

The Northwest in 2017 will also have a negative influence. It is recommended that you hang a string of six metal coins in this sector of the home to dissolve this influence which relates to ill health. 

The predictions I made last year for 2016’s Yang Fire Monkey were personally very true for me, even more so than I expected. You see, as an Astrologer, I have never really “followed” the stars. I interpret and understand them…but I lead my own life…not following any one dogma.

I am incredibly holistic in my approach to all of my work as those who know me would say. So the degree of personal power that I created for myself this year, was a lovely surprise! I never knew at the start of the year that I would be publishing another book! But I did! Heal Yourself – A Natural Path Without Medicine, is actually officially launched in the Chinese New Year on February 10th at our beautiful clinic Advanced Myotherapy.

But continuing on from where I left off, it’s so incredibly easy, simple and clear to read what a certain time (year and or month) will be like for someone when looking at what element’s they are made up of Astrologically. See, as a Yin Wood element myself, when Yang Fire (the sun) and Metal are present, we flourish! Wood needs a good old prune and loads of sunlight to grow. And grow I have this last year.

So as you can begin to see, this coming year will have similar influences over each of us, given the same two elements are present (Fire and Metal).

While the fire element governs the heart, the metal element governs the lungs and people with weaker immune systems will need to watch out for colds and flu and well as lung infections this year in particular. Being a Yin fire year, it is a positive year in general given the element is one of joy and signifies happiness.

You could say it has an element of luck to this coming year as it is also a rare combination called a noble man and academic star. This will mean people will enjoy learning as a strong theme of the year and people will experience great shifts in their life in areas that need it.

Mercury Retrograde

  • January 8th – Mercury goes direct in Capricorn
  • December 3rd – 23rd in Sagittarius (29 – 13 degrees)
  • August 13 – September 5th from (Virgo 11 degrees – Leo 28 degrees)
  • April 10th  – May 4th (Taurus 4 degrees – Aries 24 degrees)

Mercury retrograde is a time to reflect, rewind, rethink and re-evaluate. It is a time to study, learn and focus so as not to miss vital details. It is important to hold off on contracts and communications. It’s a good time to “switch off” and tune out. This is an especially well known Astrological event that aligns with electrical disruptions, as the heavens call for us to “slow down” and reward ourselves for all that we have achieved so far.

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn is a time to:

  • Give thought and plenty of planning to your year ahead, writing as much down as you can in detail
  • Focus on your goals and reflect on the power of manifestation through intention when it comes to life goals
  • Consider who it is that you truly are and how aligned your actions are with that

Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius is a time to:

  • Reflect on what you have learned from life so far (your greatest life lessons) and take them forward as your gifts
  • Meditate and write poetry or write in a gratitude journal

Mercury retrograde in Virgo is a time to:

  • De-clutter, organise, clean out and Spring clean your home, space and life.
  • Let go of old waste (both physical and mental), a great time to use a Healer (Kinesiologist, Energy healer, Hypnosis or therapist)
  • Mercury retrograde in Leo is a time to “switch off” and recharge the batteries. Tune out and meditate or listen to relaxing music

Mercury retrograde in Taurus is a time to:

  • Re-assess your health goals and take care of your wellbeing with great food, physical exercise and stress management
  • Look at your finances and think about your money goals Look over your spendings and habits in the past to see if they serve you
  • Mercury retrograde in Aries is time to slow down and give forethought to all areas of your life, especially new ideas!
  • August 3rd Uranus goes retrograde in Aries

A time of slowing down, challenging ourselves to remain calm, still and unruffled.

  • February 6th – June 10th Jupiter retrograde in Libra

A time to re-visit the past to enjoy relationships that were built in the past. A time to laugh about memories together and reflect, learn from and draw wisdom from lessons learned from others.

Full Moons 
Jan 12 – Cancer @ 22 degrees
Feb 11 – Leo @ 22 degrees
Mar 13 – Virgo @ 22 degrees
April 11 – Libra @ 21 degrees
May 11 – Scorpio @ 20 degrees
June 9 – Sagittarius @ 18 degrees
Jul 9 – Capricorn @ 17 degrees
Aug 8 – Aquarius @ 15 degrees
Sep 6 – Pisces @ 13 degrees
Oct 6 Aries @ 12 degrees
Nov 4 Taurus @ 11 degrees
Dec 4 Gemini @ 11 degrees

Lunar Eclipses

Feb 11th at 22 degrees Leo

August 8th at 14 degrees Aquarius (Visible in Australia)

A lunar eclipse is time to cut away old overgrowth after assessing what no longer needs to be. These are times of great change and upheaval. Times to let go and move on. They are times in which energy is high. A time to create a new life and shake things up in a positive way.

Lunar eclipses are emotionally charged times in which we would do well to keep ourselves grounded as much as possible.

  • Meditate
  • Do Yoga
  • Walk bare foot (not in winter)
  • Do some Gardening
  • Have a Massage
  • Cook and eat beautiful meals
  • Listen to beautiful music

The Lunar Eclipse in Leo is a time to:

  • Think about where your energy is going and how you can change this to better serve your spiritual truth
  • Cut energetic ties with those pursuits that no longer serve your highest potential in the areas of your greatest values
  • Get creative and fulfil any deep down dreams of being artistic, expressive and a leader in your own life and others
  • Be colourful and unafraid. Remember life is short. Be who you really are!

The Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius is a time to:

  • Break away from whatever is not true to your heart
  • Be honest even if it surprises people. People need to wake up sometimes, even if it shocks them.
  • Assess if what you have been contributing to on a larger scale is still within your beliefs
  • Look at how you live your life and how it contributes to the greater picture of humanity. Are you serving others?

Solar Eclipses 

Total Solar Eclipse – August 21st – 27 degrees Leo (Visible in America)

A Solar eclipse is a highly charged new moon. In the sign of Leo (ruled by the Sun), the energy is expansive, enlightening, heart opening (Leo governs the heart), joyous, and creative. It signifies a time of great reflection for planning ahead.

A time of illumination for the path ahead. This particularly relates to the spiritual fulfilment aspects of life, which is significant to all.

This year’s solar eclipse is resetting and recharging the spiritual aspect of humanity, the creative aspect of our psyche that needs expression. This solar eclipse calls for us to honour our need for energetic renewal and regeneration…self expression and play.

We learn in this time how important it is that we enjoy life freely rather than simply worrying about it, thinking about it and talking about it.

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