Self Care is about simplification and being an essentialist. What you need to know about Self Care is that without it, the world is growing more suicidal, more diseased, stressed and violent! Without it, you live on edge, empty, scattered and unclear.

The thing is, in order to accomplish all that you want, you somehow feel you must give up your own needs as compensation for that. I’m guilty of this too. However I’ve grown to learn that without self care, love and respect, through rituals and boundaries, I run on empty, get sick and hit a wall quickly.

I have been guilty of running on empty, quick fixing and all of the human things that many people suffer from as a result. We all have weaknesses and floors. The difference is, productive people hone in on their best self. Their faults and floors become so insignificant because their life is focused around their goals.

How you actually accomplish those goals is with a great deal of ambition firstly, but secondly, as I mentioned first, is by becoming an essentialist. To get really sharp and powerful to cut through any red tape around anything you want to achieve in life, be it to become an author, achieve so many figures in the bank or overcome anything at all…you must give up all other pursuits.

Goals cannot be reached without the essential element of self care. You cannot look after yourself by doing “everything” and pleasing “everyone”. This I have learned. I just finished writing and publishing two books in 4 months. The first (my third physically published book) took 3 months from start to finish (in my hands) and the second took under a month!

People have been asking me how on earth I did that! My answer is simple. I mean really. Simple.

When you have too many balls to juggle, too many irons on the fire…nothing gets done. Nothing is completed. You run yourself thin and quality is watered down. So my answer is… Self Care. When we get clear on how vital self care is, it becomes SO easy!

Until we get it through our mind that Self Care is the key that unlocks the genius within, little gets accomplished. It takes ten years to achieve something that can really take 6 months. The issue with so many people is that they keep letting everything get in their way!

But if you really want that goal…you must break it down. Write it out, give the book chapter names, write out points for each chapter of that goal and focus on the Reason Why you are doing it… You need to keep the end in mind or you will lose your way!

How I published 2 books in the last four months was with great clarity around WHY! I simply knew how vital it was for me to accomplish this goal! I got clear on why it was vital for me. I have a message I know the world needs to hear because I have personal experience of suffering deeply with the pain I now offer solutions to.

So think about your own goals. Why do you want them so badly. From that heart pounding place, you will be on fire. Nothing will get in your way. Remember how much more powerful you are when you feel your best. Make that be your reason to care for yourself so that you can go forth and achieve that goal you have. One at a time.