This new moon in Pisces is a special time particularly for me personally with so much Pisces influence in my chart. I have my Moon, Mercury and Venus all in the 12th house (governed by Pisces).  This means that I was born with these planets in that particular area of my chart (life).

Given that these are all powerful planets of the chart that have so much to say about a person and a woman especially, they are strong influences over my life. Pisces is a strong flavour in my soul life. The 12th house in fact reveals the soul life and that which is hidden about a person.

With this I want to share my utter excitement that I have now decided and committed to teaching Astrology again starting this year! It’s been 9 years since I last taught in a class room! It took 9 years to complete an energetic cycle of learning and fulfilling the lessons that I needed to realise how powerful this stuff truly is!

Why? Well over these years I have been consulting yes…but that’s not all! I have known what was in store for me and gone with the flow, meandering through and making the most of the energies and influences available to me at the time. This year is going to be a phenomenal year of change for me…I know that! So…I’m CREATING it! I’m not sitting back and just ALLOWING it to happen! I am going to be it’s cause! That is one piece of wisdom I have learn from being a lifetime student of Astrology.

Literally I used to ask people’s star signs from the age of seven and was doing readings from the age of 16! I mean…THIS is my REAL passion! I have achieved crazy awesome success in other areas of life, that were also part of my destiny, and that is likely because I knew where to pour my energy, thanks to the stars! I succeeded in becoming a 4 time published author and that’s just in hard copy physical books. I have published several other ebooks and now feature and co-author several other books too!

These ALL mean SO much to me…but Astrology showed me that this writing was a strong part of my destiny and I may never have known this and devoted my heart and time to these pursuits, had I have been oblivious to this part of my calling! So…with this Pisces New Moon, it’s time to restart my life…your life…everyone’s life.

How this will play out in your life will depend on what planets you have in Pisces, what planets you have in the 12th house and where your Neptune sits in your chart. For me, Neptune resides in the 5th house of my chart. This means that I find JOY in HEALING…healing is where my heart is! The fifth house reveals where your heart is…is governed by Leo (my sun, mercury and mars sign) which governs the heart.

So…as the New Moon in Pisces goes by, I contemplate that beauty of this time and how auspicious it is for me. Why? Because now that i have all the success I could ask for in the life I have created with a Natural Health clinic, I can return my focus once more to the higher realm of healing. The realm that instigates all other levels of healing. The spiritual realm. This is where I have the most experience in life.

I have healed so many wounds and overcome so much pain! I have a Scorpio south node. With it being in the 3rd house that governs twins and siblings…this very much influences this aspect of my life. I lost 2 siblings that were in fact twins! How? Due to drugs, violence, abuse and all of the dark, heavy destructive stuff no one likes to talk about. This is why I turned to Astrology. I wanted answers and direction.

And this is why I now take this Pisces new Moon conjunct Chiron and Uranus to be my sign post! This is my push in the direction of my dreams. Pisces mind you…is the signs of our dreams…so it just makes so much sense to me!

So here I am…sharing with you how thrilled I am to be heading back in this direction. For Astrology makes my heart flutter and drum! Therefore, I look forward to giving you more as time moves forward. As this is where my heart is. This is what I know is my calling. To help you discover yours which crystal clarity and confidence. Just as I did all those years ago!