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There’s lightening in the window of the sky I see as darkness sets. It’s a sign. The Chinese have a philosophy to follow the signs of nature almost as an omen or guide! I take this seriously because I have studied it. Nature. I am a Natural therapist. Today I begin again. As part of a mission to love myself and honour myself as an essential element of self preservation, actualisation and respect.

I share this now because it is right now in this moment that I am creating the biggest change in my life! In standing up for myself, my worth and my boundaries. I take myself seriously enough to have clear definitions around what I will no longer tolerate. Like sand paper, I was grated upon by compromise after compromise for so long…and yes, It polished me…developed me and taught me to say ENOUGH!

I am a person of authenticity, transparency and integrity and I will not negotiate my own worth. I am committed to acknowledging my value in any and every area of life. I will not be taken for granted. And I believe self love means not allowing people to get under your skin like a ship is above water. We will not stay afloat if we let the opinions, prejudice and judgments of others, external to our reality, seep in and weigh us down.

See, as the author of The Sacred Psychology of Healing, Self Care Medicine, Heal Yourself and Moving Beyond Pain…I have called it upon myself to learn these crafts well. These are the challenges I take on! It’s what I feel called to do! See, when you suffer enough, you will do ANYTHING to learn how not to!┬áLosing my family because of a lack of self love, drug addiction and pain…has given me enormous inspiration to build strength to break this cycle for good!

I just want to share, that with this storm arriving right now, comes an even greater one within! A thunder, lightening bolt that brings enlightenment to my truth! Self love is essential. And if you want to break free of abusive relationships or energetic vampires, whatever form they come in, you must listen to the voice within! Stop ignoring your wisdom and intuition and hear your heart! It totally knows exactly where to go! That is where you will find your flow!

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