April’s Full Moon in Libra on Tuesday

The Full Moon in Libra arrives on Tuesday, a day after Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus. Both signs are ruled by Venus. Venus is the planet of Love, beauty, values and meaning, how we approach our relationships. Venus can very much be the planet that reveals our “Love Language” in life. Where it is in our chart, can signify how and what we appreciate, how and what we enjoy giving and what we seek in our relationships. In an earth sign, it would suggest a more practical type of “love language” where someone appreciates “gifts or touch”.

Venus in an air sign would signify a love language where words have the most meaning to someone in how they express their love and interpret being loved. These are powerful tools to use in understanding someone’s values and how to communicate we love them. Someone with Venus in a Water sign may use the love language of  “quality time” where Venus in Fire signs may appreciate acts of service as fire is the action taker of the elements.

See, Tuesday’s full moon is all about love, appreciation and gratitude. We cannot have these 3 keys without balance, which is what Libra represents, in the sign itself, being the scales. To truly love someone or something, be it an event or aspect of our life, we must learn to appreciate both of it’s dark and light, benefits and challenges. Only then can we truly disarm any illusion that gets in the way of true authentic love and gratitude.

When we see only one side of a person, we create illusions that stop us from being able to authentically appreciate them. When we understand the lessing of a trait of someone that we find challenging, we can breakthrough our barriers to love. When we can find the challenge of a perceived blessing, we can once more find balance and transform our unrealistic expectations that are bound for grounding. It is all about balance. To truly love something, we must understand it fully for all of it’s gifts and lessons.

This full moon in Libra is conjunct Jupiter and opposite Uranus suggesting unexpected changes that bring incredible growth, personal breakthroughs and development on a deep soul (lunar) level.  This lunar event will be a trigger for many, that “unlocks” great shifts, awakenings and enlightenment.

You may be feeling this already in it’s lead up. Whatever this looks like in your life, it will have significance as the full Moon being in Libra, a sign ruled by Venus, it will have great “meaning and value” to you. Whatever the significance, this Full moon brings great change (Opposite Uranus in Aries) and Growth (conjunct Jupiter) in the area of love, how you create balance and harmony in your life. Venus is the closest planet to the Earth, so it may signify a need to get closer to the earth once again.

Remember that time in your childhood when playing outside was the best time you had? So carefree and liberating? Well that’s because nature is designed so perfectly to do just that. The physiological effect of nature is measurable and powerful. So it may just be the best way you can find balance once more this full moon. Given it takes place on the 11th, a day after Mercury goes retrograde first in the early degrees of Taurus, through to late Aries, it will be the perfect time to reflect and meditate on the Taurean and Aries aspects of your own life. As I wrote in my first forecast for the year of the Rooster, Mercury retrograde in Taurus is a time to:

  • Re-assess your health goals and values and take care of your wellbeing with great food, physical exercise and stress management
  • Look at your finances and think about your money goals Look over your spendings and habits in the past to see if they serve you
  • Mercury retrograde in Aries is time to slow down and give forethought to all areas of your life, especially new ideas!