May – The Yin Wood Snake month

On the 5th of May we enter the Chinese month of the Yin Wood Snake. The element of the Snake is Fire which is strengthened by the Wood element in the heavenly stem of both the month as well as the year.

The Snake and the Rooster have a harmony as they are trine to one another, part of the metal element. The Snake coil is the birth place of the metal element. So, this month, we have a harmony. The Snake is the ultimate sign of transformation, shedding it’s skin. So this month is the perfect time to let go, as we begin to move through the Autumn season.

Clear your space, shed the skin of anything surrounding you that no longer reflects your highest values and present purpose. Autumn is a time of change as the wind comes and blow the leaves towards the earth. Autumn is also the metal season, so we have a “descending” energy, like drawing a deep breath to renew ourselves. The metal element governs the lungs, so be sure to care for your lungs now with greater focus than usual.

The metal element is cold, however the Fire energy present in the Snake, will offer balance to this cold and help us discard, shed our skin, our ego, facade, and false aspects of our identity that may remain from previous limits and beliefs. And so, we must be sure to maintain this elemental balance with sufficient self care. Focus on your breathing consciously with regular yoga, stretching and or exercise.

The month of the Snake is a time of change. It’s time for significant shifts in spirituality and matters of the heart, being governed by the fire element. The Wood element in the heavenly stem of this month shows that fire has strength, which offers us an incredibly creative energy.

The elements missing this month are water and earth. This can mean that these elements in general can bring us great balance and harmony to focus on. If these elements are favourable to you personally or not may not be so relevant. We can always bring better health by nurturing all elements within our body and soul. Water element is supported with plenty of rest and flow. Avoid stagnation by maintaining movement whenever possible without burning out.

Nurture your earth element with earthy foods such as slow cooked roots vegetables, soups and stews. Simply by focusing on your diet and wellbeing, you will be supporting the earth element. The snake really is a spiritual sign, one that tends to be artistic and creative…so let this aspect of your life flourish now and go with the flow. It’s time to let go and live. Time to break free from the old skin (also metal element organ).

Be yourself. Don’t hide your colours. Life is much warmer with truth, honesty and transparency. Why would anyone want to miss out on that? The Wood Snake month is here to draw us towards the light, the sun, the warmth and enlightenment. So let go of that protective shell and be free!