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I loved school when I was a child. Of course I did. I grew up in foster care when not at home where dysfunction was a normal reality. But school these days, seems to fall short so often of what it could be! I mean, not every teacher is cut out for the job either! I was blessed though, that my love of school is what gave me a great passion for learning. Learning another way. Reading was, just as school was, a mental way out of the world I was living in where my mother and father were abusing both alcohol and drugs. I share this not to stir their soul up there in heaven. I’m their child. I love them. And I learned a lot from them. Their lives gave me my purpose!

As I became  a mother myself however…I began to question the education system. In fact, I have always questioned. It’s why I never ended up like most of my immediate family, addicted to drugs (passing well before their time). I choose my own way. And it’s why I wish to share my vision with you now. My dream. I dream of an education system…far more empowering then what we have. I dream of a “school” in which children from an early age, are taught mindfulness, empathy, compassion and community power.

I dream of an education system which teaches holistic wellness, the value of Nutrition, Yoga, Strength and Fitness for a sound immune system. I dream of an education system which teaches children self sustainability and gardening. A school that teaches communication and the value it has in our world, in it’s ability to influence all outcomes we achieve. I dream of a system that honours individuality not robotic cookie cutouts that fill in the blank line on a test paper. A measure of creativity not obedience to rigid structures.

Leah, I loved your book — so much of it resonated with my own life, reminding me of how I allowed my INNER FAITH and GRATITUDE to be bogged down and silenced at times if my life — but it always re-surfaces with gusto — THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU, for reminding me with your beautiful words.”

This dream is why I choose to educate my child from home. In order to instill sound living skills. Protect my child’s curiosity and wonder. To nurture her natural need for variety and self directed exploration. I want my daughter to learn food as medicine, as a preventative and far superior approach to health care that is natural and  not toxic. I want  her to know how to grow food and consider the impact of her actions on both her life and others. To understand how important each day is, in laying foundations for the future.

We have a sick culture and society today, obesity, disease and suicide rates will tell you that! I just want different for my daughter. I want better! I want her to have values that appreciate the power of now. The power of choosing long term fulfillment over short term pleasure. I want her to know that the material world is temporary, that we don’t need much in life. The world is so externally driven. But my vision is for a future where we return to the feminine wisdom of the soul.

My dream is to create a learning environment for my daughter that respects her desires to learn what she wants to learn, focus on what’s important to her. My dream is to know that my daughter is being honoured for who she is. Every child should have that! This is why I choose to home school. The system does not have this as it stands mostly today. So, as Dr John Demartini says, “create your own” if what you want doesn’t exist. And so I will.

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