The Holistic Heart

As an Astrologer, I have kept my monthly Astrology blog separate from my personal blog here for 10 years now! It’s time to say goodbye to separation and unite. I love being able to look at my Sacred Space Astrology blog and see entries from every month for the last decade! But it’s time to own everything that is me. People say you will never succeed in life and business if you don’t have your niche.

But you know what…I know something else! I know that with my Feng Shui skills, I have designed our clinic to the point where last week, a video of the space made me cry tears of gratitude and pride. The place is amazing. It’s a successful (multi-award winning) business. Knowing the energy of the building and working in harmony with it to design something so special has absolutely helped create the success we have achieved, without a doubt.

What many people dont know about Feng Shui is that it is is like an Astrology reading for a building. You look at the energetic map / grid which is called a Flying Star chart and work with the 5 elements to create elemental harmony and balance where needed. You also activate the more auspicious energies to create and stimulate abundance and flow in your life or business. It’s certainly worked in ours!

As a Holistic Health Practitioner of over a decade, I have been able to mentor every therapist we have trained that we have had as part of our team. While they may be Myotherapists, specialising in Muscle health, we feel that giving them further knowledge of how the body-mind and spirit all work together, helps them become great at what they do. I do not feel for a moment that my Holistic approach in work and life does me a disservice.

Understanding what each year will present in the way of challenges and blessings, I feel has allowed me to enjoy the journey and make the most of it. What needs balancing is what I focus on and that has allowed me to be clear and waste as little energy as possible on lessons that are simple part of being human. It’s that higher and broader perspective that Astrology gives you that provides a great purpose and direction.

So, from here on I will be posting all things Health, Feng Shui & Astrology right here on this blog. For years, I have kept them all separate. These 3 levels of existence though, work together and should be in alignment and harmony. Not separate. Earth, Humanity and Heaven. My work is ALL about alignment, harmony and balance. I guess you could say that’s what I specialise in. All things Holistic Health. I do not believe in isolating symptoms or problems. Everything is connected and should be treated as a whole.

And so, today I am grateful for owning everything that is me. No longer feeling the slightest bit fragmented. I couldn’t recommend this enough. If you feel even the slightest bit as though certain parts of you have been left behinds, hidden and unfulfilled, then just own it! Be yourself and free yourself! Don’t wait to have regret! No one can be you. Your unique purpose needs to be fulfilled. It’s why you are here…to balance this world in some way. So go do that!

Don’t worry about what others think. I used to worry about being “too much”. A jack of all trades. But you know what, I don’t have that belief at all. Not one bit! I have spent well and truly over a decade studying Natural and Universal Laws, Health, Healing and Philosophy. It’s all about the Art of Living. And nothing could be more vital in my eyes. So if you feel like you have left some beautiful part of yourself in the corner, it may be time to come out and start celebrating who you really are!