June’s Full Moon in Sagittarius & the Horse Month

On the 9th of June is the Full Moon, but before that, today we enter the Yang Fire Horse month. In the Four Pillars of Destiny – Chinese Astrology, we understand that the month animal (earthly branch) is the strongest character in the chart. It carries the most weight so to speak. This means, for example, although you may be one element, you can have another as your strength, which means different things about your character, depending on what aspect of life that particular element governs for you.

So, the Horse is also a Fire animal and this month is a Yang Fire month, so there are 2 fire characters in the month, as well as it being the Yin Fire Monkey year. So, there’s substantial fire element present. What on earth does this mean you might be thinking? Well, the 5 elements of Chinese Medicine and Astrology, relate to all things in the universe. Everything falls into one of the five elements. From colours to objects and industries. Fire industries (careers and professions included) are Astrology funnily enough (which is more Yin fire), acting, athletics, Aromatherapy, Spiritual workers, Mental health, airlines and travel as well as anything to do with fire of coarse.

There are also Fire foods, which include as you would expect, red and brightly coloured foods. Fire foods are spicy and warming and especially supportive of the earth element, in the flow of the five elements, which governs the stomach and digestive system. This is another reason Chinese Medicine practitioners love warm, slow cooked foods! They nourish the earth element (stomach). So, this being a Fire element month, it’s a great time to care for the fire element in the body, mind and spirit! The heart and spirit are governed by the fire element as you could imagine.

What this means is, we need to be self loving during this time. It’s time to reflect and open our hearts, to allow energy to flow freely through it, just as a healthy heart requires. We need to beat to our own drum, not stopping or allowing ourselves to be interrupted by distractions around external opinion. Fire needs freedom, flow and movement, so this month is all about getting back on that Horse and riding the waves of the heart flames. Fire can be wreckless, so practice mindfulness and caution when being honest with others, and remember the pain of regret is far greater than the pain of temptation. Above all…do not judge.

We brought Leah in when we felt something was just not right in the place not long after moving in. When she constructed the energy map over the floor plan, she told us not to tell her where the spooky energy was being experienced. Instead she lead us right to the spot! We were all so amazed and even a couple of us had tears in our eyes. Straight away we implemented her advice which meant removing certain elements and objects and being mindful of how best to use the space.  We could not believe it.

Katarina FranjoBundoora

Now coming to the full moon in Sagittarius, also a fire sign coincidentally, changing over into the Western system of Astrology I love equally as much. Sagittarius needs movement also. It’s a mutable sign that changes as much  as it grows. Anyone with a strong 9th house, Jupiter or planets in Sagittarius will understand this energy. We must grow! We constantly outgrow ourselves and surpass limits previously held. So this full moon on the 9th is all about breaking barriers and observing our beliefs. Are there thoughts that are limiting, do we have scarcity mentality around something that needs re-framing? Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which is the planets of luck and abundance.

So let this full moon be all about abundance and flow! Let go of the old and know that it will make space for the new…not in things but in experiences and perspectives not previously attainable among such clutter. Be it in any shape or form in your life. It could be in inauthentic relationships, anything that is not true or serving a pure purpose. Sagittarius is the sign of higher planes and the archer can reach great distances with his body and mind. He is the traveler of the Western zodiac. So allow yourself to explore new territory. Expand your life in new directions. Learn new things. This is what the heart calls for. This is flow. Have that childlike wonder return and find fulfillment. It’s your birthright, and this full moon is here to remind you of that!

This full moon, write a list of at least 10  things you have always wanted to do. Imagine yourself doing them and step into the feeling of the experience. Use your imagination to draw that experience nearer to help you manifest it. Make it your June to do list! This month is about spiritual fulfillment! Go out exploring! Be true to your heart! Work with your emotions, support and nurture them with aromatherapy, nourishing home cooked health meals. Sagittarius governs the circulatory system…so make sure you get moving this month, physically, mentally and internally. There is no better way of doing that than with wholesome clean foods. Slowing your body down with toxins that need eliminating will cause you pain. This month is a great time to focus on this aspect of your health.