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For almost 2 years now I suffered from sebhorreic dermatitis in my ears. It was painful! Every single day I had irritation and much of the time I couldn’t stop myself from scratching! It was horrid. I considered all angles of where it might have came from. It’s been just days now since I have been pain free, but since, I have felt like shouting from the rooftops!

I have even had tears of gratitude more than once!First thing I want to say that I feel is a key essential element of this healing, was an overhaul of my eating. I have always been a healthy eater, especially over the last decade but this required a real clear out…becoming strict. I honestly attribute much of my healing to my gut health, eliminating gluten, sugar, dairy and wheat…and more recently, grains. It’s been liberating, even though quite tough at times.

I say this because it’s a whole family that has needed to get on board and help with simple awareness to avoid such things.It’s hard when people around you want to eat these foods but you can’t…so eventually they build their own awareness which also helps. This is why I would recommend being upfront with family about what you will no longer “tolerate” in terms of food…more so, what your body won’t tolerate. My daughter also suffered with eczema for the same amount of time, and I have noticed the exact same patterns with her flare ups as mine, in accordance with our diet.

So, for the last few months, I have been really serious about my healing…simply because I couldn’t stand the pain! Yes, I looked at the spiritual elements of these manifestations, as well as other immune factors like breastfeeding, exhaustion and depletion. After this, I made a commitment to myself, to practice a higher level of Self Care than normal. I looked at my environment, and have brought in some help from salt lamps and a salt difuser, all of which I do feel help a little, but overall, my honest opinions as that there is no greater healer or poison than food!

I began anointing this in my ears with coconut oil daily. I will also as that at the same time, I began using cannabis oil, so I must be honest and say, my gut feeling says, these two as well as 2 other remedies, are what I feel, made the ultimate healing difference!Lastly, the day before my dermatitis FINALLY disappeared this week…after almost 2 YEARS…was anointing Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar and then anointing Frankincense Essential oil blended with coconut oil.

Now, I want to tell you…that I literally tried EVERYTHING! Over these almost 2 years…I tried applying honey, (my own) breast milk, colloidal silver, prescription pharmacy gel, chamomile, saline…you name it! They all gave me temporary relief and a great deal of hope at first…but absolutely NOTHING worked more than a few hours!It was insane!

I will also ad one last thing that I feel made a difference in conjunction with all of these miracle remedies (I’m allowed to say that…they were miracles for me)…I began consuming high strength manuka honey in the last week. This was because I had a cold coming on…and didn’t want to get sick.

So, I honeslty feel that building my immunity with all of these natural remedies…kissed this pain goodbye!It was certainly a holistic healing journey, as over the last number of weeks, I also began taking a pro biotic daily (rather than always forgetting), as well as making and drinking my own kombucha. My diet now is mainly Pegan… Paleo -Vegan, with a lot of tumeric! Which is interesting…as my protein needs to be organic and as local and high quality as possible if not Vegan or Paleo.

But eliminating grains and sugar is what I feel made a massive difference to my health and condition!I wanted to share this, as I have been seeing so many people online, asking how to heal eczema and or dermatitis. And since I have myself finally done it, naturally…I wanted to share. I also wanted to share as it’s been really emotional and liberating not being in pain…finally after being in pain every single day for nearly 2 years! So guys…I hope this helps:) With Love,Leah

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