Yin Fire Goat Month & Capricorn Full Moon

If you have an Ox in your chart (year, month, day or hour) this is a month of change for you. Depending on what “house” of your chart the Ox resides, this change will manifest in a number of possible ways. As the Goat is an Earth animal like the Ox, it’s opposite, these changes can be challenging and hard. After all, the earth element is solid, stubborn and strong.

Any time we transit an earth animal, health becomes highlighted and vital. Lethargy is the less positive manifestation of strong earth element that is out of balance and harmony. So to prevent such symptoms including heaviness, general fatigue and sluggishness, we need to make an effort to maintain momentum physically. This is especially true for Winter now.

Earth element governs the stomach and therefore nutrition is a great focus for this month to balance energy and health, as more and more we are growing aware of the gut influence over all aspects of our general wellbeing. Earth foods that are great for this time of year are generally anything seasonal but especially pumpkins and root vegetables. Earth element doesn’t respond well to too much sugar. Actually nothing does. So it is time to cut back on the sweet and commit to taking the best care of ourselves.

Any Horse people will likely have a strong degree of harmony in certain aspects of their lives this month, as the Goat and Horse have a lovely relationship. Those who benefit from and are balanced by the earth element, will generally feel strong this month, while anyone who is already strong in earth (being the Goat’s natural element) will need to work on energy and clearing out. This is a great time for a detox!

Personally I am going all chips in on a cleanse at the moment. I have consulted a Naturapath, Kinesiologist and even had Chiropractic. Each of these lovely practitioners I am lucky enough to call friends too. And in their own way, are each supporting me through my immune system reboot after discovering that I have for some time been triggered by a damp environment. This issue by the way, is now a silent killer known as the new asbestos! So if you have any health complaints like dermatitis that you are unsure about where they came from, I encourage you to explore your environment as a factor!

“We never believed you when you predicted the possibility of a new addition to the family. We had both decided we didn’t want any more children, not knowing we would have a change of heart. Looking at your notes, you predicted it down to the year even three years before us falling pregnant! You are skilled at what you do”

Troy & Pieta AllenBendigo

“I have had a long term health issue and taken countless medications for it, and after your insightful consultation and advice I can say I see things a whole lot differently. You have changed the way I look at things. Everything makes sense now. You have blown me away and I can’t wait to begin making these changes!”

GaryIT Consultant

This months Full Moon is in Capricorn. The cardinal Earth sign of the Western Zodiac. On the 9th of July. Aligned with Jupiter in a square, this full moon shows where huge growth is possible in our lives! It will highlight our potential and also areas in which we need a total reconfiguration. Conjunct the transformational “dwarf” yet potent planet of Pluto, it foretells a time in which we can be enlightened around what areas of our life need destruction in order to rebuild more authentically.

With the Full moon being in Capricorn, we can expect dramatic internal and even external shifts with regards to direction, ambition, goals and aspirations. It’s likely that being conjunct Pluto, there will be significant letting go, rising above and insight into what no longer serves us and our ultimate highest potential.

Capricorn is governed by the earth element, just like the Goat. So this month, the Earth element is calling us to focus on our health, our physicality, our organisation and all things practical.

Are we being realistic? Are we putting in enough effort? What we achieve is a direct result of what we prepare for and put in, so it’s time to ensure our priorities align with our wants, our calling and higher purpose.

The full Capricorn moon square Jupiter calls for significant adjustments to help us move forward and recreate ourselves in the present. Some things will need to be let go of. This is the natural order of growth. Consider the Zen philosophy for a moment. That which is empty has endless possibility. Make space in your life for what could be.

The most successful people in life are good at saying “No”. It may be time you began cutting out the less important things and time consumers in your life, and started focusing on the most important. We have more energy, the less we exhaust ourselves on too many pursuits. The only way to accomplish greatly is to zone in on that which is our number one priority to the exclusion of all else. And if something is really that important to us, we’ll move mountains to attain it. That’s the truth.

Image source: Joanne Ameya Cohen