New Moon Leo Eclipse

The New Moon Eclipse in Leo brings the dark to light. The deep to the surface and the subconscious to awareness. This is a beautiful time to reset, recharge and reflect and tune in to the inner light. The solar eclipse brings significant change, insight and opportunity to release and renew. Where Leo resides in your chart will determine how this may manifest and what area of your life will be transformed.

Depending on the rising sign which is determined by all birth details including the time of birth, this eclipse will influence different aspects of life.

For Leos this is a deeply personal awakening and shift that changes your life from the inside out. This is a time of great personal development for you.

For Virgos it is the hidden realm and private life that will bring spiritual change that moves the soul. This can bring many emotions to the surface for exploring.

For Libra the Leo eclipse brings transformation to your social circle and that which you align yourself with. This can trigger a deep desire for contribution to humanity.

For Scorpio there will be a new life direction taking shape that sees you move into a higher position of recognition. It’s time now for structures in your life to be reassessed.

For Sagittarius this solar eclipse brings enlightenment, higher perspective. This may bring sudden inspiration to travel, teach or study something you are yet to embark on.

For Capricorn the Leo eclipse moves mountains and clears the way for authentic alignment with your highest purpose and potential. Remember all pain has it’s purpose.

For Aquarius this eclipse changes relationship dynamics and helps you to let go of patterns and pain getting in the way of balance and harmony in relationships and partnerships.

For Pisces the Leo solar eclipse  is a clearing energy that helps you bring order to life with some sort of new rhythm. This is a highly creative time for you.

For Aries this eclipse is about showing your true colours, bringing your unique touch to the world and owning your individuality with honesty, focus and heart.

For Taurus this solar eclipse will be unsettling, as many changes can be for you. This influences your home and family life so be prepared to open to new possibilities here.

For Gemini the Leo eclipse will give flight to creative ideas and fuel to your fire to get moving on those pursuits that represent who you truly are. Time to shine the light of your soul!

For Cancer this eclipse shakes up your foundations. You come to a doorway of transformation in your tangible world. There  is much to learn from your body and following your feelings.