September Stars & the Pisces Full Moon

The Pisces Full Moon on the 6th of September conjunct Neptune, takes place with a grand trine also present between Uranus, Mercury and Saturn. Let me explain.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which is the planet that represents all things intangible, difficult to explain… synchronicities. It governs inspirations, dreams, illusions and is considered the higher octave of Venus. It rules anything other worldly. Therefore it is found to be a spirituality influence that governs fluidity and the Ocean. So, this full moon will bring heavy water energy, as the two heavenly bodies that govern water are at play in opposition to the sun (highlighted). The sun brings things to light. And with an opposition, we get reflection.

Like a mirror in the ocean, the Sun’s light in Virgo, governing health, wellbeing, and nerve health in particular… we may find ourselves looking at what we need to let go of in order to take care of ourselves better. The Moon asks that we nurture ourselves, while Neptune needs retreat, much like the moon does in her cycles. So this full moon calls for consideration for the things which we may need to step back from and where we need to lose ourselves in order to find connection to our soul (inner life). The moon and Neptune both govern our dreaming self and needs quiet and depth away from the surface noise and distraction.

With the Grand trine alignment also present with this Full Pisces Moon, we have a portal for change energetically. Mercury will have finished it’s retrograde period on the 5th, and therefore can bring a positive change that is both unexpected (Uranus) and challenging (Saturn), however carrying with it a much needed authentic conversation and open communication.

September brings us to a double Rooster in the Year and Month pillars. This month becomes the Yin Earth Rooster which strengthens the Metal element even more due to the flow from fire to earth (ashes) then metal (minerals).

Metal element is strong and can therefore be out of balance. As it governs our respiratory system and defensive energy (immunity), it can bring low energy, especially given the nature of metal. Metal is formed deep within the earth. It is cold and by nature doesn’t move very well. This year we have seen the worst “flu” season, which mirrors the yin fire rooster with “inflammation” of the respiratory system (metal / rooster).

To care for the respiratory system this month, ensure you are doing sufficient “clearing” with regards to your health. Avoid cold foods such as dairy which can lead to damp and mucous in the body. Drink bicarb in water to balance out the pH of the body and also take apple cider vinegar to help break up any congestion.

If you are someone that feels the cold and has a colder constitution, saunas are a great way to get through September’s double Rooster. Too much metal element needs balancing with the warmer elements so saunas can help break down anything on the chest.

Here I touch on September dynamics for each of the self elements in Chinese Astrology. This is derived from the day of birth, not just the year and month.

Earth –  The strong metal element can feel exhausting. This month you will need to rest to balance out the exhaustive dynamic of so much metal (being the element you produce).  Focus on what you can do for yourself this month as you are naturally nurturing to others and this month can be demanding for that reason.

Metal – This month you will need plenty of movement and space. You may feel crowded and need some time out from the intense Rooster energy. On the other hand, this is a brilliant month to tune in and meditate. You may find music to be your best balancing tool in this time. Listen to bells, strings, harps and anything that makes use of all of this metal element present now.

Water – September brings stability, strength and support to water. This can be a highly creative month as you are filled with inspiration as we move into spring.
Wood – You feel the pressure under all the metal element present. Spring is your season and it’s time you cut away old growth (metal to wood) with the double rooster. Spring clean, declutter, minimise and discard whatever is in your way of finding peace.

Fire – You will produce results this month. It’s time to focus on financial mastery in September. Put your savings on an automated set and forget and calculate how long it will take to achieve that goal you have in mind to keep you inspired.

I have found Leah’s healing for me to be so supportive and effective. She works beautifully to enable an opening and softness to release what is needed. Also Leah’s knowledge of Feng Shui has been amazing and I do not know anyone who has more knowledge and wisdom about Astrology, her connection between Chinese and Western Astrology provides useful insight into past future and the present for greater understanding of self.”

Susan Doyle-HosieYoga Teacher

It has been a great pleasure to know Leah since 2003 when she began studies with me. She is a person of integrity who is dedicated to her work and her passion for health and healing are an asset to her profession.”

Vic KetisPrinciple Australian Academy of Feng Shui

Pisces Full Moon

As the Sun makes it’s way through Virgo and we move into Spring, it’s time to focus on health. Spring is governed by the wood element which rules the Liver. The Liver’s main function is detoxification, where Virgo is the sign of purification.

Virgo is also the mutable sign prone to nervousness not dissimilar to the touchy “liver energy” which can be unsettled and sensitive. Given that it’s also the Yin fire Rooster year which governs the nervous system, this month can call for great care regarding the nervous system. Personally I love using Aromatherapy for these type of imbalances and sensitivities. Aromatherapy (smells) work with the part of the brain (nervous system) that governs emotions (wood element/ liver). So essential oils can work magic on the nerves. Lavender is a particularly beautiful oil that calms and relaxes.

There is also much to be said for body therapies when it comes to calming and supporting the nervous system. Myotherapy (massage included) and Chiropractic are incredibly powerful ways of supporting the nervous system by addressing any imbalances impeding it’s function.   Overall, it is said that the windy weather (that comes with Spring), is unsettling for many, especially sensitive people. It is also said that it’s wise to avoid going outside in really windy weather, as many people become irritable. This seems to correlate with a higher incidence of accidents and aggression. So my advise would be to focus on staying calm this month. Use all the calming tools you have.

Here’s a little sign by sign forecast for September. Remember that this really more so applies to your rising sign, rather than the Sun sign. The rising sign is found using your tie of birth.

Aries – Jupiter continues to bring a lovely energy to your relationships. Your social life is growing at the moment and your creativity gives birth to a beautiful childlike joy during this month as Mars, Mercury (though retrograde until the 5th) and Venus all transit your 5th house of love, heart energy, joy and children.

Taurus – The Sun enters your 5th house bringing a sense of fun and lightness to your life. You still have a lot of focus on your home life right now. You have recently been sorting through old things and getting your home life in order. It is now time to get out and start taking advantage of the beautiful springtime energy. Naturally you love nature, so there’s no better time to explore the outdoors.

Gemini – Saturn may feel like it’s taking forever to move away from your opposite sign of Sagittarius. This can feel quite limiting and isolating however Jupiter brings balance to this as you find incredible growth through the certain limitations you are going through right now. This challenge only facilitates the enormous growth and personal development you are blessed with right now.

Cancer – While sorting out your finances and money matters lately you have built a strong sense of stability and certainty about your future. It’s time now to reward yourself with some much needed social time as the Sun moves through your communication zone. With Jupiter crowning your home life, you are blessed now with auspicious energy in your environment. It also signifies a beautiful time to spend with family making memories. Don’t forget your camera. Oh, and record these special times in your diary too!

Leo – You have so much happening in your life right now. Mercury retrograde in your sign may have been triggering some things for you around communications, mis communications and friendships. It has been a time of deep personal exploration and reflection. With Mercury moving forward after the 5th, you will have incredible energy, drive and internal harmony. This will have a magnetic quality to help you draw in whatever it is that you value most in life. Time to focus on your heartfelt dreams:)

Virgo – It’s your time to shine. It’s your time to lead. Your mind will become sharp once again after the 5th when Mercury (your ruler) moves forward once more (from our perspective). You have an enormous growth phase ahead of you that allows you the resources to do whatever your heart calls you towards. Remember though that growth requires discipline and Saturn calls you to take charge of your home life before anything else can move forward.

Libra – Jupiter brings you an auspicious vibe that allows incredible flow and personal growth right now. This transit happens every twelve years, so take advantage of it now. At the moment with Pluto square Jupiter, there is a deep sense of transformation that leaves you feeling unstable. This is a huge growth tool that teaches you to find truth from within, rather than from anything external. You are your own anchor, and this lesson is one of the most empowering.

Scorpio – September brings your focus to justice and freedom. This month you direct your energy towards passionate pursuits that give you great purpose. The sun transits your 11th house of rebellion and truth seeking. You are no stranger to change and this is the time in which you are likely to go out a create meaningful transformation and humanitarian contribution.

Sagittarius – Saturn clouds your perspective a little as he brings order and structure to your life, which you may not be so used to. You are coming to the time in which this starts to take shape in an empowering way. Saturn takes time but it has many hidden blessings. What you have been going through will prove vital in bringing you to a place of great strength and freedom.

Capricorn – The sun highlights areas of your life that you place a high value on. You find great meaning an purpose in the greater picture of your life at the moment. You are good at looking at the longer term picture, and this is a time in which you can see the light through the tunnel that is Pluto hovering in your sign.

Aquarius – You have a strong magnetic pull towards certain ventures right now as Venus, Mars, Mercury and the North node call you outward to learn new things about the world and expand your horizons. The sun also brings you an awareness of what needs to be transformed in your life. The past may come to surface in memories and old friends. Now is a time in which you can see how much you have grown!

Pisces – You have strong focus on love and relationships right now as the sun brings light and love to your opposite (that which attracts). It’s a balancing time for you in which people are strongly drawn to your healing and that which you have to offer in the way of a deeper or higher insight and perspective.