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Summer is ending as Autumn is nearing. We now approach a time of transformation, letting go and descending deeper internally for self reflection.

Nature calls us to let leaves fall and discard outgrown. Trusting as we move forward with inspiration. It’s a great time spiritually to turn inward to reflect upon what it is that we are drawn to, in order to simply allow ourselves to move away from that which we are not.

It’s a universal law that what you resist persists, and what you suppress is elsewhere expressed in your life. So wherever imbalance shows up, the blessing is to observe and surrender to resistance within by focusing on what you love.

Think of this as a time to “plant seeds” metaphorically, rather than pulling weeds. What you focus on is what you get…so to let go of old unwanted…take the fast track to manifestation through self belief and faith in that which you wish to “create” as opposed to that which you feel triggered to “react” to.

I find this to be such an empowering mode to approach life from, when facing challenges internally especially. If something shows up that we do not seek to manifest in our lives, simply turing out focus towards that which we do value, instantly transforms our energy and therefore that which we create.

I love universal law for this very reason. It simplifies life. Takes the stress away. Creates flow and harmony, internally most importantly.

Astrologically, we are in the year of the Earth Dog, which is a time of steady manifestation, building upon foundations of action, habits and self application. This year is about the tangible matter and form in our lives…bringing to life what lies in our hearts.

Giving form to that which we speak of, dream of and aspire to. This may mean big change and some mountains to climb, but it’s all about progress and remembering where you are going as opposed to being distracted by external opinions.

As we head through March…Rabbit month, it’s a time of growth. The kind that comes when we are able to move forward, let go, exhale and accept gracefully. It’s not a month for hanging on but branching out, evolving and exploring what feel authentic to you.

March brings us to the Equinox and the first degree of the Zodiac wheel. The new beginning. It’s an incredible potential for unfolding and setting out on unchartered territory. It’s a natural time of initiative, so don’t hold back. We learn through experience.


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