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Pregnancy the second time is vastly different for me. I learned so much from my first experience!

This time I have opted out of routine ultrasounds and screens & trusting even more in natures process. Last time, every ultrasound mis-measured and caused unwanted stress, that I simply didn’t need. I was told to bed rest later in pregnancy, when I now know I should have been strengthening much more.

I was told Ella’s head was small, which caused me to immediately want another scan (which exposes baby yet again to more risk), just for peace of mind. This proved how wrong the previous scan was, which was unethically explained two whole weeks later by my midwife, not the technician, who even offered an internal scan after I had begun by saying all I needed to know was if the placenta was out of the birth canal (a 1 – 2 minute scan).

This had already been determined…and the only reason I had that scan was due to the 20 week ultrasound technician telling me I had a “low lying” placenta, which I had no idea was quite common in early pregnancy.

Only 1-2% of women have placenta previa (low lying placenta) come birth time…meaning a natural birth is not possible.  This too was a stress I did not need to worry about that I am grateful I am not making myself vulnerable to this time.  

Among some of the things I’m doing differently this pregnancy is supplementing with iron, probiotics (for strong gut micro biome for both myself and baby’s immunity), magnesium (to combat depletion and prevent common cramping), vitamin b (for energy and hormone balance) and vegan omega 3 for both of our brains.

I have a lovely friend who is my Pregnancy & Post Natal (Doula) Naturopath (from Little Yarrow) this time, who has been supporting me through, who I am blessed to be sharing the journey with.

We are only a week apart in our stages of pregnancy so she has such a fantastic understanding of exactly what I’m going through!

Aside from that, my recent exposure to toxic Mould, lead me to learn an enormous amount about autoimmunity detoxification through herbal medicine (with Laura A’Bell) and nutrition. I feel this was a huge help in boosting my health pre-pregnancy.

Normally I am committed to getting all I need nutritionally from whole foods, however I have learned that pregnancy is a whole new different level of nutritional need. For many reasons, the demands on a mothers pregnant body are high, but among them of coarse is the fact that all the goodness goes to making a precious baby.

My diet since motherhood has been incredibly different: much cleaner (which I didn’t realise was possible), mostly grain free, gluten & sugar free, organic, high quality plant based.

My exercise focus and awareness is far stronger, since learning about the importance of pelvic stability during and after pregnancy.

Understanding the role of the gluteal muscles in supporting the pelvic floor has been such a huge difference maker this time. I have not had the common lower back pain this pregnancy that I did last time, which I attribute to keeping strong and more posturally aware in this regard.

I have also been having regular Chiropractic visits with a friend who specialises in Pregnancy care which I know has made a world of difference combined with my weekly Myotherapy or Massage of coarse!

I am soaking up the spiritual side of growing a family… something that means the world to me! Not having my own parents from a young age has given me such a strong value in being the kind of parent that was absent in my own life, which I feel really brings me present to the gift that motherhood is.

This is what 25 weeks pregnant looks like for me right now. I’m excited about all the learning and am looking forward to another home water birth. I have been listening to Calm & Hypno-birthing audio books and feel this has been teaching me a great deal about dealing with and breathing through life in general!

Once again I am reading books loaded with positive birth experiences, helping prepare my mind for the big day.

This time I will be making a tincture from the placenta, rather than encapsulation after delayed cord clamping.

I loved the capsules last time for recovery and energy however, you cannot make capsules from a preserved lotus placenta for health reasons, being my reason for opting for a tincture. I’m happy to know that tinctures last for many years more than capsules, so I cannot wait to use this as medicine again, in a new form.

This time is the lotus birth I always dreamed of with a carefully selected Homebirth Midwife & Doula that support autonomy for physiological birth.

This time, the third stage will be a sacred, unassisted and undisturbed, calm transition into baby’s first breathe and hour of life. I learned so much from the birth of Ella and cannot wait to have her present as we embrace our new love.

So grateful right now!!!

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