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The Beautiful Home Lotus Birth of Indi Moon…

Little miss Indi Moon arrived in the most beautiful way on Saturday night 30/06/2018 at 9:46 pm.

An unforgettable, perfect and undisturbed birth. Martina (our midwife) was a beautiful calm & knowing presence and Simone (our Doula) and Lacey (Birth Photographer), incredibly valuable supports… helping Mumma & Dadda to rest before the waters broke & birth began to flourish.

Thank you doesn’t begin to convey the gratitude for this experience! I couldn’t have asked for a better birth!

Some background details before the story that I can only hope can inspire those seeking autonomy for their pregnancy and birth:

Birth took place at 40 weeks plus 5 days gestation. Indi’s birth weight was 8 pounds / 3620 gr. I had No Ultrasounds in pregnancy. It was my 2nd home water birth. In pregnancy I had No Glucose test, No GBS swab and No anti D (negative blood with positive blood type partner).

I had a spontaneous labour, no synthetic hormone drugs, a physiological birth of placenta in 1 hour and 20 minutes, no cutting of the umbilical cord (Lotus birth / natural detachment), above normal blood loss (700ml), Intact perineum with No tearing. We also had no newborn screening, Vitamin K or Hepatitis B vaccine. Birth was Undisturbed and Intervention free with No guided or coached pushing and No internal examinations.

It was a Calm, quiet, gentle birth in dim candle light with meditation music and audio hypnobirthing affirmations. Our attending Midwife, Doula and Birth Photographer were all consciously chosen for their Homebirth focus and experience.

Our Midwife Martina Gorner, the only Homebirth specific in the country. Our Doula, also a homebirther who also had no ultrasounds, laboured for 7 days and birthed at 42 plus weeks. Our Birth Photographer, also a Home and Freebirther.

I felt a great sense of trust in my birth space. It was exactly the environment I consciously created for this birth. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I hibernated away from the world in which a birth culture has come to accept overmedicalization of a completely natural process.

Instead of listening to the constant stories of medically managed birth intervention cascades, I listened to hypnobirthing affirmations and guided birth relaxation audio each and every night for months leading up to the birthday.

Natural therapies I used included: Birth Breathing (hypnobirthing methods), our spine length lavender heat bags, massage, homeopathics (tincture blend and arnica), aromatherapy, herbal teas (raspberry and nettle infusions), food and hydration. Birth went exactly as planned.

The sotry…

It was the day after the Full Moon Eclipse when the waves began to flow. Birthing begun on Friday the 29th of June 2018.

Just after our almost 4 year old Ella Rose had gone to sleep at 7:30pm, a night of surges every 2 – 4 minutes began before receding soon after her awakening at 7:00 am. Our Midwife Martina joined us from around 3 am until she saw the light was slowing things down.  

The day went by with random surges and our Birth Photographer Lacey and Doula Simone arriving after lunch. By 6pm we had a much needed sleep while Simone & Lacey took beautiful care of Ella Rose. It was just what was needed for the waters to finally release. The “bubble” burst just after my rest which brought on the intense surges once again.

It was only the day prior that we decided on Indi as a name for a girl. Until we knew… our belly bub’s name was (ironically) Bubble. I had not one ultrasound the whole pregnancy…only an inkling it would be another girl.

Once the bubble had burst…we knew things would really begin to flow. It was divine timing. We had just enough time for dinner before our Midwife Martina messaged saying she would return.

As she walked in, Simone & Lacey popped out for a quick coffee and to give us space. This was when transition truly began. Martina & Matthew were there, both trusting and confident.

I began bearing down and as soon as crowning begun, was helped into the pool. Shortly after at 9:46pm, just minutes after Matthew’s prediction of a 9:30 pm birth time…Indi floated into my arms.

She almost immediately fell asleep after having a little snuggle, she was so calm and peaceful. Time stood still in the pool as I spoke softly and the room was quiet. This was when Indi decided to find her way to my chest for her first feed.

Soon after, Indi’s placenta was born with the greatest feeling of gratitude in the air. I could not have asked for a better birth! It was amazing and perfect! So gentle, euphoric and peaceful. Everyone in the room had a clear trust and confidence in natural birth.

It was then that Indi’s middle name was first spoken as we contemplated together. Come morning, when it was time for Ella to meet her little sister…Indi Moon had been decided. It was perfect! Everything was perfect! I did not tear. There was no intervention. The birth was undisturbed, calm, peaceful and gentle.

We are still in our “bubble”. Our family is on cloud 9! As Indi is still attached to her placenta, she exudes the most calm and gentle aura of comfort and familiarity. It is incredible to witness such a calm baby! Ella Rose loves her dearly and is the most beautiful sister one could dream of!

How blessed we feel to have had 2 beautiful home births and now our dream lotus birth! It was my intention to have an undisturbed (intervention free), natural (physiological), home (peaceful) birth, without any hurry or worry…and that’s exactly what came to be.

I wish more women knew birth in this light. Not like the movies. Not all bright lights, rushing, pushing and urgency…but a well prepared, understood process of life evolving by nature. Not to interfere with this is something I feel is important for so many reasons. Above all, I feel we are designed perfectly!

We are part of a “Grand Organised Design”. Since when did any mother instinctively lay on her back to birth? Do we forget the simple physiology of the spinal shape of the sacrum? How is a baby to journey over such obstacles? Why not use gravity in an upright position? Why hurry? Why push…when the body has its own birthing (ejection) reflex?

I think we need to stop “pushing” mothers. Stop pushing them to be robotic, to get “back to normal” (postpartum)… If we really understood…That “normal” no longer exists. She is a mother now to a new baby. This forever changes her wiring. If only she lives in harmony with her true nature.

Since when did a woman begin to leave her own protected space to birth? Remember, natural birth is not the new thing…it’s not the “fad”. It’s how it always was.

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