Yin Metal Rooster Month

Strong Metal element calls for us to take care of the lungs and skin. It is also a time of reflection in which we need to exhale and release the past. It’s Spring so it’s a great time to move on and let go. Respiratory health is particularly important this month as the metal element is very strong, and if out of balance, it can present as symptoms.

To help with any respiratory conditions, ensure you are building natural immunity with plenty of vitamin C. If you do have any surfacing congestion, clearing it with plenty of warmth, hot showers, steam and clean air (assess your environment) should help tremendously. Sometimes the obvious and most basic solutions are actually the most important, hence I don’t mind sounding repetitive in certain cases as I believe respiratory health is pretty important!

This month, being strong metal element energy present: Do a Spring clean. Create a little more flow in your life and de clutter your mind. Anything you have not used in a month, take a good hard look and unless it’s seasonal, consider donating it or up-cycling it.

Open up your home again…it may have been a while since we are just coming out of Winter (if you’re in Melbourne). Breathe and meditate. Yes…sounds simple but most people actually don’t do enough of either of these! Stress builds when we forget to just centre ourselves and keep breathing, rather than fixing our mind on the external noise of distraction.

Yin Metal is the element of this month (in the heavenly stem) which shows we are in a time of refinement. It’s a fine tuning and detailing that we need to focus on this month in the yin metal rooster.

Let the beginning of Spring inspire you to get “beautifying” all that you call life around you. September sees the sun move through Virgo in the Western zodiac. This is the sign most known for it’s focus on health so using it as a new beginning from the start of Spring is a great way to remain grounded.

Simplify life by getting organised. It’s the Virgo thing. Organisation is the talent of many strong Virgo people. Clear our and create flow or things will begin getting on your nerves…as Virgo is also one of the signs most sensitive in regards to the nervous system.

If you need, use Lavender essential oil to help calm and soothe frayed nerves and to help in meditation. It’s a sedative;)

As for me, I could go on and on about the planets movements through September, but as it’s one of my first forecasts back since the birth of my new baby, I’m going to keep it simple. Happy Spring!

“Love your work Leah! You’re creative, insightful and generous with so much soul.”

Karelynne RandallAuthor, Educator & Services Partnerships Manager – Youth Off The Streets

“I just finished reading your book. You should be proud of yourself. Every chapter was so perfectly said.”

Hanane HabibAuthor of “Misunderstood – A Scar for Life”