The New Moon of March falls on the 7th in Pisces. As we enter Autumn, a season of transformation from warm to cool, yang to yin, it is a the new moon of Pisces and new dreams, feelings and insights that bring empathy. The sign of Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the higher octave of Venus which is the planet of love. This means the new moon in the sign of Pisces will enhance levels of empathy, compassion, sensitivity and understanding.

This cannot be accomplished without going into the shadows, where the sign of the fish lives deep down in the water. Autumn is the time of letting go, so as we dig deep through the sign of Pisces, we can have memories resurface for release and reflection. Pisces is the sign of secrets and the hidden so the new moon of Pisces can initiate a time of letting go of old hidden memories as we see them in a different shade.

The Full Moon falls on the 21st.

This is “just” in the sign of Libra at 0 degrees. This brings light and energy to the area of relationships of all kinds including contracts like marriage and partnerships. Libra governs justice, so it will be a time where fairness is demanded and injustice is seen more clearly which can ruffle feathers (rightly so). Opposite the asteroid of Chiron, this can bring up old “war”  wounds. Where has there been imbalance in your life? What can be done to balance the scales? This is the time to cleanse the waters.

As Autumn is all about shedding skin and letting go of overgrowth, it’s a wonderful time to meditate on the power and purpose of minimising and cutting back on life clutter. Busyness is not equal to productivity. Use this month as the start of a new beginning before Easter comes to initiate the birth of new life in all of it’s historical traditional (pagan) symbolism. It’s is a fertile time and March is also the month of the Rabbit coincidently.

Let this be a fruitful time that comes of the choice to make space for the new by cutting back on what is not needed in life. Where can you save time? Who can help you do something you may not need to b doing yourself? What new things can you try to give yourself some “me time” in order to breathe and switch off so that you CAN let go? March being the Rabbit, is governed mostly by the Wood element. Wood is the element that governs our circulation. This system of the body needs movement!

Remember how vital it is to stay active. Stress builds with stagnation, which show up in agitation, which is the negative expression of the wood element (Liver organ). Prevent and avoid all of this by prioritising yourself first thing each day. Carve out time for yourself and get moving! Let everything go and just be at peace and in joy for at least a little each day! It’s essential to stay sane in such a loud world!

Keep life simple this month. Use all the tools you know of that can help calm. Have boundaries, say no when your intuition says so, never mind pressures of judgment. Set yourself 3 goals to focus on above all else. When you prioritise well, you stress less. Personally, as a Mum, I am keeping me top 3 goals close to home! Exercise is number one! Before anything else now, I get my routine of exercise done, so I can offer my children the best version of me possible.

I’m sure if you too can simplify your life, March will be a joyful start to Autumn for you too. It has an incredible potential to bring great healing, especially as the sun passes Chiron around the 21st with the Full Moon. Until then, take care, breathe and make space for the things you love!